Choosing Your Biker Rings: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Back in the 1950s, bikers passing through the Mexican border took notice of the bulky, unique rings that were sold in the towns there. These rings were pretty cheap and provided a way for bikers to stand out as their own individual.

The eye-catching designs aren’t the only reason why motorcyclists wore the rings. They also exchanged them for goods that they needed. Biker rings were so handy then that many still wear them now. 

In fact, it’s hard to call yourself a biker if you don’t have a hand full of rings. Check out this shopping guide to find out how you can choose your own.

Types of Biker Rings

Before you can fit yourself for rings, as a motorcyclist, you have to know what sort of style you want to go for. There are tons of choices from the classic skull to something more Celtic. Follow to find more skull and biker rings.


Skull rings are pretty much a classic choice. They’re a good way to mock those who are constantly reminding you how dangerous riding a motorcycle can be. 

They symbolize danger and come in so many different varieties that it shouldn’t be hard for you to find something that matches your look. 


There are a lot of different animals rings out there. They all mean something different depending on the type of animal you choose to represent on your fingers. 

For example, if you wear a tiger ring it shows that you’re strong and powerful. A cheetah ring tells people that you’re fast and dexterous. 

Letters and Numbers

As the years go on, letter and number rings get more and more popular. They’re easy to customize and can symbolize pretty much anything you want. 


If you’re religious at all, adorning your hands with crosses is always a nice way to show it. You can have a ring customized for pretty much any religion such as the Jesus Crucifix or the Lion of Judah. 


If you’re a fan of the goth aesthetic, you’ll love this option. Goth rings use a high amount of dark tones and metal. The designs themselves are always detailed and intricate so you’ll be sure to stand out on the road. 


Celtic rings are a lot like cross rings in that crosses are used in the design for the most part. You can go with the trinity knot, an awesome Celtic dragon design, or the Celtic Triquetra. 


Now that you’ve gotten a general idea of your design options, let’s talk about materials. If vintage is your bread and butter, brass will be the material you’ll want to shoot for.

Back in the day, the rings were crafted from coins known as Centavos. They pretty much lost all value after the Mexican Revolution but they were useful for making jewelry. It gave off an interesting yellow color that attracted many bikers.

Taking a look at modern-day, it will be hard for you to find brass biker rings but not completely impossible. If the vintage look isn’t what you’re going for per se, brass isn’t a good material though. It oxidizes after a while and turns green. 

Silver is a much better choice. It looks nice, it goes with pretty much any outfit and bike exterior, and you won’t have to do much maintenance to keep up its appearance. Stainless steel biker rings are also a good choice but the material is nowhere near as valuable as silver.

Size and Shape

When choosing men’s biker rings, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the size and shape of your fingers. Again, biker rings can be pretty massive. 

If you have thin fingers, bulky rings can get uncomfortable fast while you’re on the road. This being said, wide rings aren’t completely off the table if you have long, thin fingers. 

Whatever you choose, it needs to be loose on your finger. Well, it shouldn’t be so loose that it goes flying off but you shouldn’t grab one that’s so tight that it’s cutting into your skin either. 

How Many Rings Are Too Many? 

It’s okay to go a little crazy when you’re decorating your fingers but don’t go too crazy. You can have too much of a good thing. The basic rule is to have no more than 3 rings on each hand. 

If you must go crazy with one of your hands, make it your non-dominant hand. There’s this unspoken rule that your dominant hand is for business and the other is for decorations. 

Making Them Work with Your Outfits

If you want your rings to match your biker outfits, again, silver is king. Biker rings aren’t only exclusive to your motorcycle wardrobe. You can wear them with your basic jeans and a t-shirt without looking too out of place. 

If you want, you can wear your rings with other pieces of jewelry too. Silver rings and a necklace or wallet chain make the perfect match. 

The only time you may stand out a bit too much is if you decide to wear your skull biker rings at work. You may want to purchase some smaller rings that you can wear to work and save the bulky ones for the road. 

Choosing Your Biker Rings 

One of the best ways to show your individuality as a motorcyclist is with a gorgeous set of biker rings. There are tons of designs out there to choose from. Which one you go with all depends on your unique personality. 

If you want to look dangerous, skulls will be your jam. You can even find religious symbols if that’s more to your taste. Whatever you do, just make sure it fits and it matches your wardrobe and gear. 

Speaking of wardrobe, you’re going to need to find something that fits your biker aesthetic. Check out the fashion section of our blog for a little styling advice. 

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