China’s electric-powered elevated bus beats traffic

For a crowded city the elevated bus is a gold mine.

As the human population continues to grow, we now face a problem. With so little space for humanity to thrive in we run into to situations of living in crowded areas. It is becoming the norm for cities to be built vertically rather than horizontal be of the density of our cities. But there is a solution: The elevated bus.

China found a way to relieve one of the stresses of the overcrowded areas. Traffic jams are a significant problem in larger cities that effects all. In china a great innovation called a Transit Explore Bus has been proposed to help individuals with their commute around the city. The elevated bus, TEB or straddling bus is supported by two legs that run along rails on the sides of roads. The legs stretch vertically up, high enough to allow vehicles less than two meters high the ability to drive underneath the bus while is in motion or stationary. The straddling bus comes with many advantages the most popular being that is will save a lot of road space, yet have the ability to transport up to 1400 commuters.

For a crowded city the elevated bus innovation is a gold mine. It can be produced for 20 % of the price of an underground rail system with a significantly shorter completion timeline. It also can replace the need for automobile or largest transportation buses effecting the environment. This innovation idea seems like a no brainer and something that should be implemented all over the world. The question is what type of ripple effect with this have on the market. This idea will be loved by many for all the right reasons.

elevated bus

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