Check Out the Trends for Fall Fashion for 2017

Summer might not be over yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what to wear next season. In fact, it’s a great idea to start thinking about it in advance so you can slowly build your wardrobe, instead of going on one huge shopping trip when the first leaves start to fall. As always, fall 2017 means there are some new trends, some that never really went away, and some styles circling back around from years or even decades ago. If you can’t wait to put on a pair of tights, some ankle boots, and your favorite sweater, here’s your guide to this year’s fall fashion.

50 Shades of Red

There tends to be a dominant color with each new season, and for fall this year, it’s looking like it’s red. It’s an appropriate color for a season that’s often represented in reds, oranges, browns and other earthy and fiery shades. The red trend isn’t just about wearing one red item though – it’s about going all out. Red from head to toe was the trend on the catwalk for the season earlier in the year, and there are plenty of different shades to play with. Red has often been something of a sexy color, but this year it’s more mature and sophisticated.

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Tights in the Spotlight

If you love to keep wearing dresses well into fall and winter, tights become an essential part of your wardrobe. One of the trends spotted on the catwalk for this fall was a range of pretty tights that go beyond a plain knit pair. If you want to add some fun to your outfit, tights give you the perfect way to do it. And they’re ideal for keeping you warm in your dress or skirt, along with a cardigan or sweater, once the weather starts to get a little cooler. Why just have a pair of black, brown or gray tights when you can jazz things up and go for all kinds of styles? Pick some bright colors or some cool textures, like lace, or go for something quirky. It’s time to make tights an essential part of your outfit, not just a necessity to keep your legs warm.

Faux Feathers and Fur

Things are about to get a lot more fluffy and feathery in the fashion world. While even faux fur and feathers aren’t for everyone, they can be great to add to a fall outfit. It can be the main part of an item, or it could just be a little detailing to finish off a look. You might be after that perfect faux fur coat or shrug, or maybe you like the look of a jacket with a little feather trim. These different textures can be mixed with others too, from knitwear to sequins and satin.

Positive Slogans

If you love a positive slogan, you’re in luck this year. There were a lot of stylized pieces of text floating across the runways at Fashion Week earlier this year. If you feel like you’ve got something to say, saying it directly with your clothes is as good as anything. You’ll find lots of slogans and statements this fall, so whether you want to express your support for girl power, make a political statement, or just tell everyone how much you love them, you can find a T-shirt, jacket, bag or even hat that says just what you want to say.

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Big Bags

The size of bags always fluctuate, going from tiny clutch bags to huge, oversized monstrosities and back again. Big is back for this fall and winter, which only makes sense when you need to carry so many cold-weather accessories around. If you need somewhere to keep your scarf, chapstick and an extra sweater, pick up a huge duffel-style bag. They might be big, but they can still be super chic. With oversize bags comes oversized details for big and bold accessorizing. Plus, if you need a bag for work, it’s great to have something that will fit any files you need, your tablet and phone, and whatever else you need to take to work.

Sweaters and Skirts

If you’ve been enjoying wearing your summer skirts and dresses, you don’t want to have to put them away as soon as you feel the first chill. Fortunately, skirts paired with oversized sweaters are totally in this fall, so there’s no need to fully switch to a winter wardrobe just yet. More specifically, long and flowing skirts like the multicolored pleated skirt from Chatelaine USA featured heavily on the catwalks for the season. With the right skirt, you might not even need a pair of tights, especially on warmer days. And an oversized sweater is always a good staple to have in your wardrobe, contrasting well against a sweet and feminine skirt


Some people feel like they don’t suit hats at all, but most can find styles that work for them. If you’ve yet to find a hat you love, maybe this fall will be when you finally find it. On the runways, many of the hats for fall 2017 were big and bold (and sometimes pretty eccentric), but yours doesn’t have to be. While you might not be wearing a pair of rabbit ears in a few months, you’re sure to find a range of retro headwear choices. ’70s style is back in, so there’s some of that, but be on the lookout for hats inspired by a range of other eras too.

Patchwork Dresses

Long dresses are perfect for fall and winter, and boho style is always around in some way or another. If you want to try out something of a boho look later this year, take a look at some of the long, patchwork dresses from the catwalk that have started to find their way into stores too. Look for mixing patterns, a touch of European folk, and even some turn-of-the-20th-century frills as well. This trend also ties into the 1970s vibes that you’re sure to see a lot of in the coming months.

Seventies Style

Apart from dresses and hats, you can indulge in the ’70s in a number of other ways too. Plaid was a mainstay of fashion in those days, and it’s on trend again this year. But you don’t want boring plaids in neutral colors. As much as Burberry’s distinctive pattern is much-loved and very recognizable, there are lots of other colors to play with for a more ’70s vibe. Combine this year’s passion for red with plaid, or try out a pink and blue combination, as seen from several designers earlier this year.

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Sparkly Shoes

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle sometimes, but some like it more sparkly than others. If you can’t resist something shiny on your feet, look out for plenty of sparkle in this fall’s shoe collections. Two shiny trends stand out this year, which are shoes dotted with crystals (especially on buckles) and glittery boots. When it’s a cold and dreary day, sometimes you need something to cheer yourself up. If just glancing down at your sparkling feet is enough to do it, then we say rush out and snatch up a pair straight away.

Wild West

Cowboy (or cowgirl) style is nothing new – Western-inspired boots are often a popular choice. This year you might find even more Western fashion, with cactus motifs, wide-brimmed hats, and even some cow print to help you get your yeeha on. There are lots of ways to look at this trend, whether you want to go a bit old-fashioned or try a modern take on cowgirl boots. And if you love kitsch, including cheesy sweaters, you could be in luck this fall. There are even some tassels and some classic Western-inspired button-down shirts to enjoy.

Boxy Businesswear

There are often styles inspired by menswear to be found in women’s fashion. We’ve had boyfriend jeans and granddad sweaters, and this year it’s all about the masculine suit. Oversized suit jackets and broad shoulders (think ’80s shoulder pads) offer a powerful look for the office. Be careful not to get swallowed up, though – bring it in at the waist for a bit more definition and a more dramatic shape. Gray is a good color choice this year, but other strong shades like navy blue, black and even taupe are good options. You might also find some plaid mixed in.

Nylon Coats

When it’s time to get your coat or jacket on, you don’t want to go full winter-warmer straight away. A transitional layer for between the seasons is essential, and you’re sure to see plenty of nylon coats to choose from this year. They’re easy to wear and will keep you warm and dry, but you can easily pack them up small too. So whether you’ve packed a suitcase or you’re just taking your new oversize handbag to work, you can fold up your coat, and you won’t have to iron it when you get it out again.

There’s so much to choose from this fall that you won’t have trouble finding a trend you like. Try something daring and see what suits you.

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