Cell Phone Travel: 4 Tips For Going International

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No self-respecting traveler goes away without their cell phone. Nowadays, a smartphone lives up to the name as it has features such as satellite navigation and a high-definition camera. Even if your carrier isn’t working, modern handsets connect to wifi without any fuss.

Still, it’s not as simple as packing it in your hand luggage and boarding a plane. Why? It’s because going international means tackling issues such as roaming rates and unforeseen repairs. If you aren’t prepared beforehand, it may cost you a small fortune or worse – it may leave you stranded!

To make sure this doesn’t happen, check out the following tips.

Change Your Contract

Your current carrier may charge you money for roaming outside of the country. Because local providers pass the fees onto your carrier at home, the cost is marked up and may end up totaling a significant sum. Thankfully, some retailers are happy to include data roaming within their deals even if you are abroad. By switching to one of these contracts, you can save yourself a lot of money as well as hassle. Plus, you’ll get to use your cell as if nothing has changed. And not only that, but a lot of 5G providers even allow you to use the network in foreign countries at no extra cost; now that’s a data bundle you deserve! Check out compare5g.com to see if the country you’re headed to would benefit from this kind of purchase. Shop around for a great deal and don’t forget to ask for your PAC code if you want to keep your number.

Buy A Bundle

If moving suppliers seems drastic, there are one-off bundles you can purchase before traveling. Like your usual deal, they include minutes, text messages and data and they work internationally as well as nationally. For people who aren’t going to be away for a long time, they are affordable alternatives. Even if you plan on leaving the country for months, you can buy them as and when you need them. However, be careful to check your usage as you will be charged the main rate after they expire.

Protect Your Phone

Insurance is a smart move at home yet it isn’t as effective abroad. Once you break your handset, it’s not as if you can replace it on the spot. The policy will only apply nationally and not internationally so you’ll be without a phone. Protecting it in the first place will ensure it doesn’t break even if it falls from a height. The best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases have a drop protection level for your peace of mind. Others are waterproof to prevent any water damage. Choose the feature that applies to you the most or buy one that handles both problems.

Get A Local Chip

Sorting out the red tape before traveling can be too much hassle. You’d rather do it when you are there and you can with a local SIM. The number will be different but it shouldn’t matter as long as your contacts are saved to the handset. Plus, WhatsApp automatically adapts to avoid contacting your friends and family. Just make sure the phone is unlocked or else a foreign chip won’t work.

As well as the above, you can use wifi as much as possible as well as SMS and VoIP services.

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