Celebrity Hair Stylist Braids By Bee #1 Braided shop in Florida

What inspired me to start my business was the need to take care of my family and have a secure position that would not judge me for my pass and pay me well. My brand is my name in short & what I offer which is BraidsbyBee at The Braiding Depot inc.

DSC_0078-1I moved to Fl in Oct 1999 from Ny. I wanted a better life. I was an office manager for years for a Marine company however my true passion which I did as a paying hobby on the weeknds was doing hair. I did hair in my home someone saw my talent and offered me a job in a barber shop. I worked there for part time for a long time and often heard the clients complain how hard it was to find a reliable hair braider in South Florida that didn’t work from home. I understood there complaint & seen the need because I heard this from 80% of my clients.

Coming from NY where there is a hair braiding salon on every corner you turn, Fl was not the same at all. You had to seek high & low to find a salon that offered Braiding which isn’t much you can count on your fingers how many there is. I opened my own salon 5/2011 I trademark my services through USPTO & my Brand is number one in South Florida and Top rank in Google.www.hairextensionsbybee.com

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