Car Ownership Simplified- The ZAP Way


Being a young urban professional is a lot of fun. You get to choose a lifestyle you want while also being financially independent. As you climb up the professional ladder, certain things become necessities, as well as a source of pride. One of them, is owning a car.

However, living in the city comes with its share of liabilities and there is just never enough in that savings account. Buying a car brings to you the freedom and privileges that non-car-owners can only dream of, but the costs can also dampen your lifestyle. Suddenly that planned vacation or a TV upgrade needs to be pushed back for another time, as EMIs come into the picture. Many people compromise and shirk the opportunity to buy a car simply because of financing, long term it becomes a burden. This is where shared ownership comes to the rescue.

Zoomcar’s ZAP initiative puts the power in your hands, where as a car owner, you can list your vehicle with Zoomcar at any time you want. While you continue with your routine at home, your listed car is busy on the road earning back a large chunk of its own costs. How about that for saving money?

When you sign up as a ZAPster, you can either use your new car or buy one with Zoomcar’s help. Volkswagen, Maruti, Hyundai and Mahindra are just some of the car-makers with which Zoomcar has a great working relationship, and you can avail of special discounts. You can also reach out to a nationwide network of car finance providers and get good loan interest rates.

The listing process is very simple – it is done via the superlight and quick Zoomcar app. You do not need to be present when a customer takes the keys. The billing process is also very transparent, so you know exactly what your car is earning you money for. Prerequisites include commercial licensing under Zoomcar; this protects you from liabilities when it is listed, along with being a compliance requirement. If your concerns are about maintenance, then Zoomcar’s special technology comes to the rescue here. Cadabra is car-monitoring software that checks every aspect of vehicle health, sending you updates on your app. With such a powerful tool, you can execute preventive maintenance and save yourself a lot of money.

Car buying need not be an exercise in sacrifice. With ZAP, it is a continuous celebration, where you gain an asset that assures you mobility and independence, all the while, employing it to generate much needed extra income. Become a ZAPster and be part of the growing success story that is Zoomcar.

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