Car Accident Statistics in Colorado – Injuries and Treatment

With the evolution and development of technology, the human race has invented ways to commute to places in a much quicker and advanced way. There are cars, motorbikes, ships, aircraft and so many other mediums that one can take to move from one place to another without taking a lot of time.

However, with this amazing advancement comes risk – the risk of being involved in a car accident and becoming vulnerable to some unwanted injuries. Almost every American family owns at least two vehicles per se. This explains the unimaginable traffic jams and blockages on working and tourism days.

Accident Statistics in Colorado

Colorado, also known as The Centennial State is home to some amazing tourist destinations and employment opportunities. Cities like Broomfield are giving young professionals and families a lot of opportunities to grow their business or work as an employed professional.

If you are settling in Colorado, there is nothing to worry about safety, privacy, and money. All you need to take into account that over the year, the state has seen a 5% to 7% increase in accidents due to an increase in population and people owning vehicles. For example, in Denver, this has become an issue. For those living in this city, the need for Colorado Injury Law in Denver has become bigger since the population has grown. More than 60,000 people become victims of unwanted and unfortunate events like car accidents. Only 8 counties out of the total 64 have not reported a single accident so far. Unfortunately, Broomfield is among the affected cities.

What Causes An Accident?

A car accident can happen due to events that might be in your hand – or not! While it’s obvious that being in an accident might not be your fault always, it is also possible that the other party is also not wrong.

Some risk factors can be controlled by the driver and some of them are not in your hand so precaution and prevention become mandatory. 

Let’s discuss these issues in detail.

Uncontrollable Road Risks

Accident injury doctors have reported that people experience serious injuries due to some minor risks they take on the road. Even if you are not accountable for these causes and therefore neither do you have any influence over them, it is always a smart idea to be exceedingly cautious or just not to take any chances at all.

Some of them are:

  • Drastic weather conditions that lead to fog slippery roads and poor visibility
  • Driving at night time when nothing is clear
  • Driving on roads that are not maintained
  • Driving among people who are not following traffic rules (e.g., drunk drivers)
  • Unexpected traffic halt at high-speed highways
  • Driving in the rush hour

Controllable Road Risks

There are certain activities you conduct while driving, allow you to bring injury and accidents. Every other driver thinks that he is the best until they meet an accident that causes them money and physical injuries. There are certain things in your hands that you need to avoid in order to make a successful journey behind the wheel.

  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigue driving
  • Not following traffic laws
  • Tailgating
  • No car maintenance

Obviously, no one wants to be in an unfortunate situation like a car accident and therefore, it is important that you completely eliminate anything that can cause an accident due to your negligence.

Common Injuries after a Car Accident

While most of the injuries depend completely on the intensity of the accident, there are some common injuries that most of the people have reported to their accident injury doctors. These are:

Soft Tissue Damage

It can be regarded as the most common injury after a car accident. Soft tissue injuries can happen at any time even if your vehicle is at a low speed of 10 mph. It damages the connective tissues, muscles, and tendons and thus you end up in pain.

The most common soft tissue injury is whiplash. A sudden to and fro movement in the neck that causes tearing of the soft tissues. This reduces your normal range of motion and causes pain in the neck and shoulders.

Even though it is an extremely common injury, many people have reported that leaving it untreated can result in chronic pain and long-term problems with the neck.

Nerve Damage

Nerves can get damaged in a car accident. It is one of the worst injuries ever because having nerve damage can result in a lifetime of damage and disability. Accident doctors recommend that a person goes for neuropathy treatment in Broomfield after the accident to prevent the damage and make your nerves functional again.

Nerves can get cut, pinched, and pressed and you are never too certain which is more serious. Therefore, looking for professional treatment is mandatory. Many doctors recommend pain-relieving injections and alternate therapy for best results.

Skin Damage

When you are in a car and your vehicle collides with something, the loose objects in the car become projectiles that are thrown around in the air. It is possible that you can get it by these objects and get cuts and bruises.

This is why they recommend that you always keep your moving objects safe in the dashboard compartment or the boot of the car. Many individuals had to go through surgery for disfigurement just because their face was hit by an unwanted object.

This is not just it. Many people lose balance and bump into one another and can harm each other unintentionally. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep your objects secure and always wear a seatbelt. Many people also get injured if the airbag bursts open suddenly and this seems surprising to many people as airbags are there for human protection.

Brain Damage

Serious brain injuries can occur in several various ways, most of them quite mild but some of them very severe. Abrupt halting or altering the direction of the car often allows the head of the occupants of the vehicle to experience unexpected and irregular movements. This can induce extreme tension in the upper back as well as trauma to the skull. Although minor accidents can potentially lead to any external wounds, more severe accidents can involve traumatic brain injury or closed head injuries.

In this situation, the fluids and tissues within the brain are affected due to the rapid movement or impact of the brain. Less severe closed head injuries mostly result in concussions, whereas more serious injuries to the brain can occur. Many physicians recommend neuropathy treatment in Broomfield in the event of severe car crashes.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Car Accident injuries

Initial Test

Your therapist will diagnose the problem in a few steps. The initial phase involves them asking you questions about the incident and the symptoms. You will also be asked questions to make your doctor determine how serious your symptoms are and how frequently they arise. Your doctor would probably want to see how easily you can handle normal daily activities.

Your doctor will have to be accurate while diagnosing your condition and this will involve him touching the affected area. You will also be asked to move and execute basic tasks so that your doctor will verify the following:

  • Range of motion in the neck and shoulders
  • Degree of motion that induces discomfort or intensified pain
  • Soreness or tenderness in the spine
  • Reflexes, power, and feeling in the limbs

Imaging Tests

Your doctor will use certain imaging tests to ensure that their diagnosis was accurate and that you are not suffering from any serious issue. Even if you seek alternate care like chiropractic treatment, they will also perform imaging tests to exclude any hidden issues and risky possibilities.

Some commonly used imaging tests are:

  • X-rays
  • CT-Scan
  • MRI

Alternate Care

There are multiple options of treatment that when combined with your professional medical treatment can help you get rid of the root cause of the problem. For example, nervous system disorders after a car accident are only concealed if you are using medication.

However, with alternate care options like chiropractic treatment, you can get to the root cause of the problem and eliminate it completely. Many people continue to seek chiropractic treatment even when their accident injuries have recovered because they play a great role in improving your lifestyle.


Car accidents are becoming quite common in Colorado. There are some common injuries that most car accident victims suffer from and if you care about your health, you need to take into account that professional medical treatment and professional alternate care is crucial in eliminating the root cause of your pain.

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