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The Candystains brand was conceived in August 2015, immediately after the brand logo was confirmed the trademark registration application was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Subsequently after the Candystains “Kiss” appeared publicly via social media, Instagram, brands such as Kylie Cosmetics began to incorporate similar lip visuals regarding lipstick offerings. In January 2017 Candystains filed a “Letter of Protest” against Kylie Cosmetics as the brand attempted to register a mark very similar to the Candystains “Kiss”. The decision of the USPTO declared the formal complaint “Moot” however, it is very clear Candystains registration and logo activity is a matter of public record since August 2015.

CandyStains ™ was created to service the vast amount of people who share a profound interest in the application of color during their daily lives. Considering the world is smaller today than yesterday with regard to the internet and media access, we love the opportunity this provides for us to come face to face with our customers and associates.

Liquid matte lipstick has become very popular amongst many of the top fashionistas. Picking out the best in matte lipstick means checking out brands like Candystains and finding a shade that matches your personality. Matte lipstick can also be extremely useful for complementing a series of different outfits and for specific occasions, they last much longer on your lips even throughout eating and a full night on the town.

Candystains matte lipstick can also have an excellent effect when combined with other shades. Adding in your favorite chaplet can help you to get a look that really works while you are looking your absolute best.

For more formal looks matte lipstick can be a huge help as it leaves lips with a very velvety looking. This extra texture and the look that it creates is enough to really draw focus to your lips and your outfit.

Get “Stained Up” with Candystains the next time you’re looking for a matte to complete the occasion.

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