Can Tech Really Protect Your Home?

Our homes are our very own castle. We work hard to afford them, be that mortgaged or rented. We trust that once we shut the door that we are protected and safe. But with the rise of opportunities trying to enter homes and steal possessions, there is no surprise that people are looking at some of the more advanced ways that they can protect your home. Can tech really do it? I wanted to share with you some of the options you could consider for your home.

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Alarm systems that are connected with local law enforcement

First of all, you could consider your alarm system. Most people have some form of an alarm on their property, they may have had it for some time, so the question to ask is whether or not it is still working as it should be? If not, then you could consider a new alarm system like Verisure, and with the technology advances, many are now actually linked to local law enforcement. This way, if someone dies break into your home, once something has been triggered the police are notified, and there is a better chance of that person being caught or at least stopped in the process.

Security surveillance

You could take things one step further and choose to upgrade your surveillance on your home. Alarm systems are great, but they only make a noise and obviously if they do connect to pilice, you do have that added benefit. But if you can capture things on camera or use home surveillance you could take things one step further. There are plenty of home surveillance systems to check out that you could consider. However, you need to think about what would be the best option for your home. Many of these home surveillance systems can be linked to your alarm so that the whole process is linked and connected.

Doorbells that allow you to see who has pressed it

On a smaller scale, you could even consider adding a doorbell that has a fixed camera to it. This can give you the control of knowing exactly who is lurking on your doorstep when the doorbell is rung. It’s great for at night, especially if you are home alone. But it could also be a great security feature as an opportunity could be checking out whether a property is empty or not. Some of theme even have a voice element where you can speak directly through your phone to the doorbell, much like a door system on a block of apartments.

Interior cameras to help protect your home further

Finally, you can take security one step further and affordably add cameras to the inside of your home. Many of them work off your internet connection and these are ideal for when you are at work late or even for when you are on holiday. It will give you the peace of mind to check in on your home every now and again, as and when you need to. Plus if anything should happen, that you do have the added benefit of capturing it on camera.

I hope that this has made you more aware of some of the advanced ways you can protect your home.

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