Can I Use Bath Bombs If I Have Sensitive Skin?

bath bomb, sensitive skin

People get excited at the idea of using bath bombs. But for people with sensitive skin, the thought of using bath bombs may not elicit the same feelings. Why? Because their skin is sensitive, and they need to take extra care of it. Exposure to some chemicals will make sensitive skin become dry or flaky. Other side effects include irritation or skin reddening. So then, can people with sensitive skin use bath bombs?

There are bath bombs that are safe to use on sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin can use bath bombs. The primary ingredients used to make bath bombs are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. These two ingredients are perfectly safe for any skin type and will not affect sensitive skin. Citric acid has been proven to be a safe chemical. It is used in various skin care products to adjust skin surface pH and promote its regrowth. Sodium bicarbonate is also safe for the skin. It has some antibacterial elements that make it ideal for preventing acne and can also be useful for exfoliating the skin.

These two ingredients are what makes these bath bombs fizz. But say you are allergic to citric acid, for example. What would be your best bet? Ideally, it would be to stay away from fizzy bath bombs.

What do you do if you are buying bath bombs?

Bath bombs are made from a mixture of ingredients. These ingredients include linalool, which can irritate sensitive skin. The best thing would be to look at the ingredients to find out if that particular bath bomb is safe.

Most bath bombs come with fragrances as one of their ingredients. These artificial fragrances are a combination of chemicals that may affect sensitive skin. The ideal thing to do is to contact the seller and inquire on the ingredients used to come up with the fragrances. You can also visit a dermatologist with a list of ingredients and ask if any of these ingredients are harsh on sensitive skin. Devon Wick is one of the brands in the market right now that gives an eco-friendly approach to their products. They also have all their ingredients declared on their web page.

To some, this process may be tiring and time-consuming. There is an easier way of dealing with this problem.

Make your own bath bombs.

If you have sensitive skin, you can always make your own bath bombs. You’ve probably heard of the organic bath bombs. These are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for any skin type. With organic bath bombs, you protect your skin from toxic fragrances and other ingredients that may be used in the making some of the stores made products. Also, when making bath bombs for personal use, you should purpose to make sure that you have not used any ingredient that would end up affecting your skin.

You should not deny yourself the joy of using bath bombs just because you have sensitive skin. There are entirely safe products made using skin friendly ingredients, all you need to do is find them or make them at home.

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