Business With Heart. How Your Business Can Go Up Against The Big Guys And Win


In this modern age, it’s easier than ever to become an entrepreneur. If you’ve got a good idea and an eye for business, you can start up from the comfort of your home. Even with technology what it is, there are problems for budding businesses out there. It may be easier than ever to get setup, but you’re still going to be competing with the big guys. Large companies offer low prices that no small business will be able to beat. The trick to making a success of your idea is knowing what you can offer that big business can’t. Here are a few things that are sure to put you on top.


From the off, you’re going to be competing in the market place. Before you even get off the ground, you need to research the products already out there. You may have a great idea, but so do many other people. Make sure your product is different in some way from others on the market. If you do find a product that is like yours, try to think how you can give yourself the edge. Tweaking your product or idea to make it as unique as possible is essential. You need to make sure you stand out. Cut out any chance of competition by keeping your product different from the rest. Exclusivity will do a lot of the hard work for you. The more creative you get, the better. Develop your product as much as you can in the early stages. Work out too, what your niche will be regarding marketing. If there are other, similar products out there, you’ll need to market in the most eye-catching way possible. Work hard on creating a website and strong online presence.


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The personal touch is the best thing any small business can offer. Big business can’t provide this, and it means more than you might expect to most customers. People don’t mind paying if they can have a personal connection with you. When marketing your business, make sure to insert yourself wherever possible. Writing your web content will do wonders for building customer loyalty. If it’s products you’re selling, include your opinions on each product. Be as interactive with your customers as possible. Include a handmade note in any packages, and add hand-done flourishes where possible. Something as simple as tying a ribbon around their goods will work well. Or, you could invest in some netted bags and include a small bundle of sweets in each package. Little touches like this are what keep customers coming back time and time again.


Never underestimate how valuable loyal customers will be to your business. These are the people who will return time and time again. They’re also the people who will spread the word about what you’re doing. Word of mouth is one of the most valuable marketing tools open to you. You need to make sure you build up a customer base who love you enough to tell their friends. There are a variety of ways to build customer loyalty. The above mentioned personal touch is a great first step. It’s also worth offering first-time offers to customers. Think about including a discount code in that personal note you’re sending off.

Providing a discount on second orders may cost you to begin with, but it’ll be well worth it. If you impress with the first order customers are much more likely to come back. That’s especially true if they have a discount offer. It’s worth leaving quite a significant amount of time on the discounts. You’ll want to put some time limit on it, but try and keep it valid for around three months or so. People are less likely to use offers if they expire within a matter of weeks. Make sure you’re giving customers the chance to come back. It’ll be well worth the extra effort! It’s also worth considering things such as stamp rewards for every sale over a certain amount. Stamp schemes go down well, and it’ll surprise you how keen people will be to fill their cards. The reward doesn’t have to be huge. Just £5-10 off when they fill up their cards will be enough to do it. You should also set up an e-mail mailing list. That way, you can send emails to previous customers and ensure they haven’t forgotten about you!


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Loyalty offers aren’t the only offers you’ll need to get to grips with. There are various events, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when businesses drop prices. There are pros and cons of Cyber Monday deals, and Black Friday deals too, but they’re worth getting your head around. Again, it’s important to bear in mind that you can’t compete with the big businesses. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to slash prices. Your customers will accept that this isn’t always practical. Don’t skimp on the quality of service you offer just to achieve low prices. The key is to work out what you can provide without compromising on your quality. Is there a service you can provide for free to go with every sale? This can be anything from a free online session to an ebook guide. If you’ve already got a loyal fan base, they will accept anything you offer. Getting creative with your deals will also build on that personal touch. Working on these qualities is more valuable than competing in the price dropping madness.


Having a great idea and building a fanbase is one thing, but keeping your business up to date is a whole other issue. It’s crucial that you are constantly thinking forward. Every business needs to change and develop to keep themselves relevant. This is especially true if you’re focusing on building a loyal customer base. Customers will soon stop coming back to you if the products on offer never change. It’s surprising how quickly things move in the business world. You should be developing new products all the time, and changing stock with the seasons. This will keep your business appealing to customers and will give existing customers incentive to come and see what’s new.  Check your competitor’s sites and see what they are doing to keep things fresh. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from these sources! It can be hard to know which ideas are best, especially in the beginning. Seeing what other people do to keep their stock rotating will help. Getting rid of old stock will also give a perfect chance for a sale. Sales always go down well. Try throwing these at the changes of the season, as this is when most people look out for sales. Get some emails out to your mail subscription list to let them know what’s happening. Sales will draw traffic to your site. Make sure to dot pictures of new stock around the sale page, to try and tempt people to the full price bits too!

All it takes to beat big business is a little time and effort. It may seem as though there’s no chance for independent startups, but that’s far from true. Never have people been keener for business with heart. Success lies in something as simple as injecting a little bit of you into your business. It doesn’t get easier than that. Go and take some pictures of yourself to put on the homepage of your website and get to work!

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