BTS Pedi Remedy Launched Waterproof Electronic Foot File

BTS Pedi Remedy has launched its new waterproof Electronic Foot File on with keyword BTS Pedi Remedy. The product is a battery operated device and is ideal for use by both men and women.

May 15, 2015: BTS Pedi Remedy, a UK based company, has launched its all new waterproof Electronic Foot File on This dead skin and callus remover is a battery operated device and is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for the user. Being waterproof, this device can be used while using water or water based products. Unlike other electronic devices, this Electronic Foot File guarantees long years of usage even if exposed to water. And it is a very compact device and can be stored anywhere with ease.

When asked, the spokesperson for the company said, “We are glad to announce that our new product, the BTS Pedi Remedy Electronic Foot File, is an all waterproof device. Now the users do not need to worry about water damaging the device.” He further added, “We provide a warranty with our product so our customers can buy with peace of mind and use the Electronic Foot File for all their pedicure needs.”

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    Its really great job you have done

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