Brow tinting with henna a longer-lasting alternative

henna brows

Do you want fuller natural looking eyebrows? But not happy with the brow tinting results you got so far? Then go for natural henna brows. Henna has been used for centuries among different populations. Henna brows is the latest trend in eyebrows. It is the best way to color eyebrows. You want to know why? Read the article to find out more. 

Fuller eyebrows with henna

Henna Brows is different than just dyeing because you dye not only the hair but also the skin. This makes the eyebrows look fuller and you don’t have to work with a pencil or powder again after a week. The henna provides fuller eyebrows. In general, the henna stays on the skin for about 2 weeks and 5-6 weeks on your hair. Compared to normal eyebrow coloring, henna stays in your hair for much longer. So super easy to use!

Henna brow kit

Check out the Supercillium Henna Brow Kit it is made of
natural vegetable product. It is free from heavy metals, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and cruelty free. The henna is only mixed with pure ingredients. They are available in several different henna colors. Henna is suitable for anyone who wants to have beautiful eyebrows for a longer period of time. Henna will not damage the structure of the eyebrow hairs, it is even healthy for the hairs. In addition henna brows is extremely suitable for women where normal eyebrow tinting does not last long. 

henna brows

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