Brokis Lighting: What you need to Know

Brokis lamp

Brokis is a company that was founded in 2010 by Jan Rabell. Initially, Jan Rabell had acquired the Janstejn Glassworks company for ten years before starting the Brokis company. In the first early years of Janstejn Glasswork company, the main focus was on the production of glass for windows; however, the glass vases later rolled off the production line. A disagreement arose in the Janstejn Glasswork company, and that is when Jab Rabell, began the Brokis company whose main focus was on Lightning. He tried to combine both aesthetics and functionality. Jan Rabell’s believe is that decorative lighting should provide some added value to lighting. The style of Brokis lamps has improved over the years, and in this article, we discuss more the tips you need to know when choosing lighting lamps and all about Brokis lamps.

Glass with Wood or Metal.

Glass is still at the heart of Brokis lightning, and this should not come as a surprise. The lampshades of Brokis lamps are made of glass and are traditionally created by experienced craftspeople. Each item of the lamp requires a good amount of time dedicated for heavy labor. If you are looking for a decorative lighting lamp, then Brokis is what you should be looking for. To introduce some contrast in the lamb, the Brokis glass in often combined with some metal. Examples of Brokis lamps that have a glass that is often combined with metal include the Brokis Baloon, the Knot and the Muffin. The Muffin, however, is a particular type of lamp that includes wood.

The Muffin

The muffin is a type of Brokis lamp that includes wood in its design this type of light-lamp resembles a typical muffin. Whenever someone bakes a muffin, the dough rises, and it makes the muffin to become wider at the top as compared to the bottom, and this is because of the shape in the baking tin. Knowledge of how a muffin looks like inspired Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldava to design the Brokis Muffin. The wood part of the muffin is located at the narrow bottom of the lamp. The wide top of the lamp is usually made of glass; all these materials create a gorgeous combination of materials. The base of the lamb is made of Oak than this adds a warm touch to the Brokis muffin table lamp.


The Mona Brokis lamp is another collection of lamps that are made up of different materials. The glass shade of the lamp which is hand-blown is generally fastened with some small wooden spheres to the textile straps. The tubular Mona LED type of a lamp is an eye-catcher to many people. This LED lamp was explicitly developed for Brokis.


The ballon Brokis lamp also has a collection of different materials that add up to its design. Some of the materials that make up the ballon Brokis lamb include copper, chromium, and brass. All these items add a luxurious touch to the lamp. Brokis incorporate all these materials in a glass “ballon.” The Brokis ballon as a wide variety of glass sizes and colors to choose from.


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