Bringing Back Sanity to Planks


Planks are now being increasingly considered as a goal instead of the beginning towards a goal. Initially, the popularity of planks was as a result of crunches overdose. Now planks are getting overused even more than crunches ever were. While core training makes use of a lot of muscles and movements, other people have transformed it into a battle between planks and crunches. Though both of the movements contain great value, they have often been used excessively. Working out has now been made easier with the availability of peptides which not only help in lean tissue development, but also boost fat loss, recovery from exercises and decrease the risk of injuries. Sites like provide you with these non-anabolic substances which are extensively used by athletes for fitness and aesthetic purposes.

Difficulty with planks

Plank challenges

Begin doing a plank for a short period of time taking a small amount of time, and steadily increase the duration for the next 30 days. These challenges have gained popularity because they can easily be measured. However, the quality of the plank will diminish in an effort to stay off the ground by any means and maintain the correct plank position. Shoulders might collapse, and hips may drop, all in making efforts of finding a different but suitable position that will keep you off the ground for a relatively long time.

Maximum pain with minimum gain

They say there is no gain without pain, but it is imprudent to have too much pain with little gain. Planks are the kind of exercises which bring no change to the length of muscles. When you make movements at your muscles, this allows blood to flow through them easily. In the process, the blood carries away byproducts resulting from muscle contraction that usually give you a burning sensation when faced with fatigue. However, planks reduce your blood flow which means that waste products remain at the muscles with a resulting burning sensation later on. Planks burn fewer calories compared to workouts that encompass movement, but you get hurt more doing them.

Planks are boring

Planks seem to take so long when you’re in the middle of one. They can get quite monotonous. You just find yourself almost not doing anything. You are just a small distance from the floor, your eyes fixed on it. Doing exercises that seem to take so long and boring can cause psychological resistance to doing workouts.

Extremism stops here

The crucial thing one should remember is that planks can be used as a starter exercise for a stability workout on hips and shoulders as it integrates full body contraction. A good plank should be a platform for successful movements. This makes them the best starting point for any activity, rather than a goal of no movement. Longer planks will make absolutely no sense. As soon as you master the basic planks, then it is time to move onto other exercises. Get the plank moving by trying the following ideas:

  1. Lateral Rolling Plank – it needs a great amount of strength to reverse direction.
  2. Walking plank – apply  the same coordination when walking by the connection of your hip and the opposite shoulder. With this, you can manage to move your arms and legs.
  3. Side-plank pendulum – while your planks remain still, the whole of your body will be challenged by the swinging momentum.
  4. Sliding plank – works similarly to the walking plank but instead, it incorporates sliding  discs for keeping contact with the floor. It also includes a component of flexibility as your arm and leg are tucked under your body.

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