Brig Feltus – The Hungry Beast Sessions

brig feltus

Label: DropSquad ENT


Today, we present you with the latest offering from Los Angeles-based rising star Brig Feltus. The fierce indie singer/songwriter possesses quite a knack for fiery lyricism and unchartered productions and her latest EP: The Hungry Beast Sessions is another fine example of that. The eccentric sound and provocative lyrics make it remarkably distinctive and undeniably engaging.

Let Brig take you on an enriching audio journey, with a sound that infuses elements of House, EDM and Soul music for the ultimate rattling sound.

Get ready to come deep into the depths of Brig Feltus’ soundboard, as the end of summer approaches, new atmospheres and energies are called for. Released via DropSqaud Ent, The Hungry Beast Sessions serves as the perfect introduction to this quite exceptional talent. A special talent, with a potent originality and craft.

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