Bridal Jewelry – Not just for the wedding

woman wearing gold-colored ring pendant necklaces

Choosing your favorite bridal jewelry to match your dream wedding gown is an important addition to complete your bridal look. Many brides think that bridal jewelry is only for the wedding day and don’t think it’s something they can wear again. I disagree. I don’t think your wedding ring should be the only jewelry that you can keep wearing after the wedding. Especially if you’ve purchased a special piece from a place like EraGem or any other high-end fine jewelry retailer.

woman in white bridal gown

It’s not just because your bridal jewelry can bring back of that special day, but it also represents one of the most special days of your life.

If you’ve been married for some time now and have forgotten all about the necklace or bracelet you last wore on your wedding day then a great time to “dig it out” is on your upcoming anniversary. Wear on your date night with your outfit, it will be a nice surprise for your husband. If it’s a white, ivory, clear pearls or crystals then it will likely match any dress you have on that day.

white pearl necklace

Maybe your mom or grandmother gave you a special pendant or an heirloom gemstone you wish to keep wearing. You can combine that special pearl, diamond or other gemstones that wasn’t part of your bridal jewelry and add it to your set.

woman wearing gold-colored ring pendant necklaces

One tip I will add is to avoid wearing the longer lengths of necklaces especially pearls over heavily beaded or decorated dresses, as the look of the pearls may be lost in the “busyness” of the dress designs / pattern. You may need to try on several lengths to see how each one fits your outfit.

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