Breaking Through the Mold as a Singer-Songwriter

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Those looking to make it in the world of music know that it takes something special to get to the top of the charts. They need to radiate a special appeal that is sometimes totally unrelated to musical talent at all. If you look through the history of solo artists and bands that have topped the charts, even if only as a one hit wonder, you’ll see that many actually lacked the musical genius you would expect of a chart-topping performer.

So, what is it that propelled them to the top and why do so few really talented musicians ever make it to the top of the billboards? Perhaps it’s the same personality trait that gives them that rise to fame that is also a contributing factor to why so many performers struggle with addiction.

Chart Toppers Are Said to Have Creative Personalities

Sometimes it’s a personality type that fits the mold of what is trending within society that led them to the level of fame they now enjoy. One question on tries to answer why so many performers are addicts. Many of the answers from highly educated experts in the field of music and/or recovery say that it is a creative personality that is responsible for both fame and addiction. It is the general agreement that there is something in a creative personality that leads them to use, and eventually abuse, drugs or alcohol.

One of the most popular suppositions is that a creative personality, perhaps the kind you want to break through the mold to a new understanding, is that of a person willing to try new things. The creative personality lives in the moment and is one that will experiment with new things, drugs being about the biggest. But that is only a small part of the answer and it doesn’t really answer the question. Actually, the question is based on faulty logic.

What It Takes to Break Through Making It to the Top

Not every performer enters a drug rehab center. In fact, relatively few really do become addicts if you look at the sheer number of singers and songwriters who never made it to the top. What we are seeing is an abundance of top names in the industry who enter rehab. What we don’t see are the numbers of those who never had a problem with drugs and alcohol and probably never will.

Those who seek treatment are the ones the general public hears of because they are the ones who make the news. Anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the music industry will almost automatically be thought of as someone who is an active alcoholic or drug abuser. If you are looking to break through the mold to the top, express that creative personality but let it be known that you are of a different sort of character than the media thinks is predominant in the music industry.

You Can Be a Leader – Not a Follower of Trends

Set an example for today’s youth and make a name in the industry for your talent. Don’t’ join the ranks of those who made it on trendy ‘sex, drugs and rock-n-roll’ behavior, not on their ability to perform. There is no reason to meet the press’ expectations of you as a drug abuser. Being different from the rest is what will ultimately set you apart and propel you to the level you intend to reach. It’s all in how you express that creativity, not in how your party your life away.

That’s what makes a difference. That’s what will set you apart and make a real impact on how you are perceived. Break through the mold and enjoy your success from a healthy vantage point. In the end, that’s what counts.

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