Break toxic love patterns and attract a good guy

toxic relationship

When we fall in love we would do anything we can to make the person we love happy. But sometimes we get so carried away by love that we fail to see that the reality is far from rosy. Yes, we end up in a place called toxic relationship. Sometimes we get blinded by love not once, but a few times and create a pattern of bad and toxic relationships. Subconsciously attracting a toxic relationship partner that is controlling, manipulative and possessive over and over again. We love so fearlessly and blindly that we end in in a vicious circle of toxicity and our loved one becomes the one who limits us. So, here are some tips to help you break free from such relationships and break toxic relationship patterns so that you finally can attract a guy from Hampshire dating sites who is just right for you.

  1. Examine your mind

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself what attracts you to such partners and such relationships. Ask yourself, do you feel more loved if a partner wants you to be all his, are you afraid of real commitment and equality in relationship? Why do you seek such relationships? Did you feel unloved as a child and now you are looking for a compensation in a partner who tries to control every aspect of your life? Do you, deep down, feel like you deserve such restrictive relationships? Remember, be gentle to yourself. It is OK to not like the answers to these questions. Honesty to yourself is the key to breaking free from toxic relationships and attracting a guy from Dorset dating sites who will make your life better.

  1. Acknowledge your own needs and wants

Now that you’ve roughly figured out your fears and what made you seek out toxic partners, it is time to build a foundation for future relationships with dating Bedfordshire. This foundation is based on what YOU want, what YOU need and this means putting yourself first in your own eyes. This does not mean expecting the partner to fulfill your inner cravings. This means being able to fight your fears on your own instead of looking for a person to fulfill the void in you. Think about what makes you happy. Build stronger friendships and date Jersey Singles. Build a foundation for healthy relationships deep within and love yourself like you want to be loved. Remember, love isn’t supposed to be exhausting and hard.

  1. Take control of your life by redefining what love is

In the end, to attract the guy from Fife singles who will make your life easier, to be functional and happy you need to take control of your own life and change the Hollywood happily ever after scenario into real life happily ever after. Love is not about codependency. Remember, we are the creators of our own destiny and you sure deserve the best on adult dating, remember that and you will never fail.

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