Boutique Online Shopping App for Buying Clothes that Fit

Who doesn’t love boutique online shopping? Receiving a package delivered to your door feels like a present! One of the benefits of  online shopping is the fast process of finding items you want to buy any time of the day. There is no doubt online shopping is super convenient, you don’t have to go to your local store you can just order from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Unfortunately this feeling changes when the clothes you bought online doesn’t fit. I had this multiple times and it’s annoying especially when you need to wear it at a certain occasion. If the clothes you order doesn’t fit you have to send it back to the store and might have to wear another outfit because it takes time to receive the right size. Luckily there is a solution now, with TailorTab you will never get the wrong size again. Boutique online shopping should be fun and TailorTab helps you to make sure the clothes will fit. This will save you a lot of time!

It’s easy you shop your favorite boutiques and with the TailorTab – Buy Clothes that Fit app you will be rest assured that the suggested size will fit you the most. TailorTab developed an algorithm of fit and size that actually works and put the online shopper in the center. They support the US major online boutiques such as Zappos and Bloomingdale’s and continue to add more. Boutique online shopping can be fun again in 4 easy steps. Install TailorTab directly from the Chrome Webstore: TailorTab – Chrome Extension.  Answer a few questions, shop at your favorite boutiques and click on TailorTab!


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