Borsette Designs: A Style ride from USA to Italy

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Handbags are like a long-term relationship. Thus, you need to invest in a piece that not only serves your routine requirements but also is capable of reflecting your personal taste.

As the most noticeable fashion accessory in your ensemble, the handbag you carry illustrates your take on fashion and style. Paris, London, Manhattan and Italy are the style havens of the world. These cities are recognized worldwide as the finest fashion destinations and the style of these places is nothing but class and grandeur.

How often have you wondered if you could give your wardrobe a Parisian touch? When did you last wonder if you could incorporate the love of Italy in your ensemble? Do you want to add a hint of the exciting and exhilarating routine of the Manhattan to your style? Perhaps you are in search of something to reflect your longing for the romance of London?

Borsette Designs is proud to introduce the flair of Paris, London, Manhattan and Italy in its well-crafted exclusive Borsette Design bags. The brand offers high-quality handbags that are extravagantly stylish. It’s chic designs are not only eye-catching but have also been customized to ensure that they serve all your lifestyle needs.

The Borsette Designer handbags are classic, elegant and timeless. They also reflect the very soul of each city in its uniquely designed layout. Each piece has its own story to tell which reflects a dynamic approach to fashion.

Borsette Designer bags are broadly classified into six categories, each of which flaunts individuality and exclusiveness. From the Chante, a compact over the shoulder staple; designed particularly with Italian leather trim, to the cotton lined and leather trimmed Cross Body design. The inclusion of zipper pockets in the Cross Body Borsette designs is an ideal blend of practicality and style. An elegance and allure is reflected in each product offered.


Those of you who are in search of some extra room in their totes and bags can benefit from Borsette Designs Lizzy collection. The collection is based on large-sized totes with leather top handles along with Italian leather trims and is perfect to take along on cruising trips, travel and picnics.

Big and beautiful is this season’s hottest trend. Borsette Designs encapsulates the trending style beautifully, in the ‘Never Full’ collection that comprises of big carryalls having a roomy interior to cater to all your handbag requirements. The splendidly charismatic Tammy range is not only perfect for everyday essentials but will also help you to carry your gadgets and laptops with ultimate allure and style.


Last but not the least, you can opt for the Urban Pochette lineup which basically features the chain bags that can be easily be converted into wristlets. These bags are ideal to use both casually as well as at formal occasions.


Borsette Designs takes pride in the fact that all its products are made from high-end materials and the PVC employed is of the same quality as is used by the opulent, luxury brands. All bags have been designed in accordance with the requirements of style with practicality.

Borsette Designs wants to ‘Add a touch of Manhattan, Paris, London and Italy to your closet and you will thoroughly enjoy the style sensation of these places as featured on the Borsette Design image bags. The best thing about the brand is its offer of 30% off on all the products with promo code OHAPPY30.

Remember that handbags speak louder than words. So speak your style out aloud with Borsette Designs which offers a range of tasteful yet affordable bags that you can carry with ultimate allure and charisma. So head over now to and find your style with Borsette Designs while saving 30% off your first order.

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