Boost Your Confidence with a Little Extra Height

In a perfect world, how tall you are wouldn’t matter. In reality, we’re judged by our looks all too often and your height is just one of the features people notice. When you’re shorter than most, the first impression you give off can be a negative one, which can affect the types of relationships you form and the opportunities you have. Height discrimination (or “heightism”) is present in our society and can negatively impact the way people view themselves when they don’t measure up. Taller individuals are known to get more dates, more job offers with better pay, and just be more successful than their shorter colleagues.

Think it’s hyperbole? Studies have found that shorter individuals who don’t take advantage of height increasing shoe lifts get left behind. When it comes to their male partners, women find height attractive. A study conducted in 1994 found that women preferred their male suitor to be at least 6’1” or taller. That’s quite a tough standard to meet, especially when you consider the average height for men is roughly 5’10”. In terms of the workplace, it’s also proven that taller people make more money. A study published in Applied Psychology found that people earned up to $789 more per annum with every inch they exceed the average height.

The doctor who conducted this study suggested there was a correlation between a person’s height and their self-esteem. The physical act of looking down when speaking with others, who are literally looking up to these individuals, can create a sense of confidence that translates into success.

With all of this on the line, adding an inch or two to your overall height can mean a lot. Height insoles are an easy, discreet solution, as they fit comfortably into regular shoes to add height to those wearing them. Naturally, these shoe lift inserts can come with a few drawbacks. Less discerning individuals who choose cheap, poorly made lifts will complain of back pain and discomfort. But with a careful eye, one can find ergonomically designed shoe lifts that reduce shock and support heels all while adding height.

You want to get your insoles from a company that focuses on comfort and usability, not just height. The very best insoles are made with cushioned layers of silicone gel and memory foam. This combination helps control heat and gives your foot gentle support instead of having a hard piece of plastic digging into your foot’s arch as you walk. With the right insoles, you’ll be walking taller with more confidence and better opportunities right at your feet.

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