Bookmark OS efficient bookmarking tool will help you get organized

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Let’s face it, we all spend of lot of time browsing and all too frequently we get lost in the sea of information, sometimes loosing track quite easily. Getting disorganized is way too easy. After so many tabs opened, and browsing history full of similar links, finding a certain page can take time and this can be a frustrating process. This tells us one thing: an efficient bookmarking tool was something we needed a long time ago. Bookmark OS might be just the right solution, with all customization tools it has to offer.

Bookmarking made easy

Picture this: looking for DIY tips, reading health-related stuff, finding problem solutions, online, writing academic paperwork; this really can pull us into endless whirlpool of reading articles from different sources, and examples for this are way too many. The good thing is, now you can search for bookmarks just like you search for folders and files on your desktop. Yes, with Bookmark OS it is as simple as that.

To help us find the article we thought we’d remember (and sadly, but kind of expected, we didn’t), Bookmark OS has released all the bookmarking options we need. What is so great about this browser-based and ad-free app is how simple it is to use it and sort all the bookmarks. So you can now browse them just like files on your desktop.

There is also another great option available, which is open access from different devices, which means you can install it on your laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone. It also gives you some folder suggestions based on what you browsed earlier, analyzing your activity, all with one goal – to help you find the right bookmarks fast and easy.

Want to save some text you read? No problem! All you need to do is use simple text editor this app offers. Want to mark that page you found interesting so you can get back to it and reread? You can do that too thanks to customized date range. Bookmark OS also gives suggestions about which bookmark belongs to which folder, making sorting and searching a lot easier, and you also won’t have to worry about duplicate content.

Time Filtering and Notes creation features

Bookmark OS has highly developed artificial intelligence, so this super smart app helps us manage easier and deal with this chaos of information. This is available because there are Time Filtering and Notes creation features, which are essential for effective bookmarking. Developed in 2016, Bookmark OS app is something any student, career minded person or researcher must have. Time Filtering allows you to find the pages you bookmarked recently, during past week or one month. Notes creation feature is great, because is helps users write down some ideas along with bookmarks, to make the process even easier.

What makes this bookmarking tool stand out from other similar apps is not only it’s efficiency and easy use, but also the fact that it was modeled after Graphical User Interface, so all the visual elements and operations are familiar, from simple icon look to drag and drop options. You can sign up here.

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