Body Enhancing Trends Not to Buy Into

The struggle to get that perfect body is one that practically every woman has had to deal with at one time or the other. In fact, a 2011 survey revealed that up to 97% of women deal with serious body image issues. But, let’s not go down that rabbit hole today, the topic of body enhancing trends is quite fascinating. There are so many procedures out there today that would knock the socks of your feet. Though some of them, if not all, have questionable levels of efficacy it’s interesting to see what people are doing these days. So, while you’re out searching, you may want to read up on what to steer clear of.

1. Vacuum Therapy

This is one procedure that basically evolved over the years. Originally it was referred to as cupping therapy and dates back to Ancient Egypt, the Middle East, and China. These days it’s used for a lot more than it’s therapeutic properties. In this case, the cups that were once used to treat ailments such as high blood pressure and blood disorders are now used to manipulate fat.

The suction cups are basically used to inflate the butt and ‘migrate’ fat cells. Does it work? Well, most practitioners will swear by it. They’ll equally highlight the fact that it’s non-evasive. Nevertheless, it’s quite pricey and does not leave permanent results, so keep that in mind before you cough up over $300 dollars per session.

2. InstaBreast

If your first thought is that this sounds gimmicky, then you’re right. But for the ‘not so little’ amount of $2500, people are paying for Instabreast. The thing that makes it so out there is the fact that this is not a permanent fix at all. Look at it the same way you would regard stuffing your bra because it’s just as fleeting but looks a lot better.

Basically, a saline solution is injected into the breasts and it makes them plump and perky. As great as they look, after 24 hours, you’re back to square one. Also, the saline solution leaves the body in the form of urine, so buckle up for some extra time in the restroom.

3. Jaw Reshaping
Although generally safe, there are a few risks associated with jaw reshaping surgery, (such as blood loss), not to talk of the hefty surgery costs. That said, crooked teeth are one of the biggest causes of a misaligned jaw, hence why wearing braces is a better alternative to help reshape your jawline.

When properly fixed, braces help tremendously to improve your jaws natural appearance and are a less risky alternative to fix symmetry or any other alignment problems. More so, clear braces are a perfect alternative if you are conscious about wearing them.

4. Mesotherapy

The jury is definitely still out on this one, especially since there’s an FDA approved method on ground. For the most part, the only approved method is Kybella and it’s solely meant for working on the chin. Nevertheless, a handful of doctors out there still use it to ‘burn’ fat from other parts of the body. It’s a lot better to explore liposuction options because this is actually a tried and tested method. So, there is no need to put yourself in harm’s way for a small waist or more.

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