Bluetooth More Than Hands Free


Most people will have heard of Bluetooth. It’s a useful function that is available on most mobile devices – it’s integrated, so it’s part of the setup. It’s there to allow devices to communicate between one another wirelessly. If you have a hands-free system in your car, it’s Bluetooth that’s giving you that ability. Only Bluetooth is a lot more than just giving people the opportunity to make and receive phone calls while driving. It might be that Bluetooth is exactly what you need to solve a tricky IT problem, and you’ve just never realised.

Transferring Files

If you thought the only way to transfer files between your cell phone or tablet and your laptop was to plug the mobile device in and sync it all up, or email the files to yourself, it’s time to think again. Those methods are fine, but they’re a little clumsy, and they’re open to problems when it comes to security. Bluetooth allows you to transfer files with no problems. It’s secure, it’s wireless, and it’s quick too. All you need to do in advance is make your mobile device and your laptop discoverable to one another. Once they’re paired, you can transfer files between them effortlessly.

Listening To Music

We all knew it was only a matter of time until listening to music became even more advanced. The future is bright when it comes to entertainment; it seems to be where the most important and exciting futuristic steps are being taken. The fact that most people still use standard earbuds is interesting though when wireless Bluetooth earbuds are a thing that exist. Wireless earbuds use Bluetooth to discover devices that can play music, such as your smartphone. Once they’re connected up, there is no need to be linked physically to your phone – you can even wonder about the house if you like, and your music won’t be affected. The quality of music through Bluetooth earbuds is exceptional too, so if you love your tunes, this is the best way to listen to them.

Working From Home

If you work from home, or even if you work elsewhere but only have a small space in which to do so, you’ll understand that space is at a premium. You may need a printer, a scanner, a mouse, a keyboard, and that can’t be helped, but what you don’t need – or want – are wires trailing all over the place. That’s just messy, and it’s potentially hazardous too. Connecting all of these items to your computer via Bluetooth means far fewer cables getting in the way, and that leads to a more functional, more comfortable, altogether more productive workspace.


Everyone needs their own brand of downtime, and for many, that includes gaming. Bluetooth technology can make gaming a lot more fun – and easier to handle too. Bluetooth means you can connect your handheld controllers to your smartphone or tablet, bringing gaming to a whole new level of portability. Plus it means you can pair your controller with someone else’s, and engage in those two (or more) player games that are so much fun.

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