Black Elektronika – No More Party

Great sonic aesthetics in between tech-house and classic house vibes.

DJ and producer Black Elektronika knows a thing or two about crafting explosive beats and lush sonic textures. His blend of house music is fierce, direct and unapologetic, with powerful melodies complementing the essential punch of the beats and the cascading layers of blissful tone.

Released on Rebellious Records (RBD109), This EP is a powerhouse of groove and great energy, perfectly combining the catchy hooks of house music with the cut-through edge of techno.

The title track is punchy and direct, with an ever-evolving set of melodies leading to a stunning climax. The b-side of this release, Pusher, is another original mix following the same tempo, but a different key. The track stands out for the clear and present melodic elements, as well as for the rich, saturated tone of the beat.

This release is already receiving so much positive attention and feedback, so much so that it even scored a great spot on Beatport’s top 100 chart.

Black Elektronika certainly stands out for the high-quality of his productions and for the well-defined sonic aesthetics that animate his releases!

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