Biodegradable Products in 2020

Biodegradable products

With the ongoing controversy surrounding the environment and global warming, there’s never been a better time for your company to adopt a greener strategy. Biodegradable products can help you do exactly that. Here are some of the main benefits:

Less risk of allergens or toxins in your products

Typically, the more biodegradable a plastic, the less likely they are to contain any allergens. Needless to say, allergens can be bad PR for any company. And, of course, biodegradable plastics are largely made using the most natural materials: the result is an absence of poisonous waste or toxicity. We hope we don’t have to explain why that’s a good thing!

You can massively reduce waste

Biodegradables, by definition, will break down when thrown away. They can even be composted. This means that your product wastage can be massively reduced. In the case of very large-scale manufacturing, this can make a huge difference to the environment. It’s also the case if you use a lot of individual products on a large scale.

It’s a huge energy saver

Many people are surprised to learn that biodegradable plastics can take as little as half the amount of energy to produce as more traditional plastic. So by making use of more environmentally friendly materials, you’re massively contributing to removing excess energy usage from your manufacturing process.

There’s little to no impact on function

We can understand that some firms are reluctant to use biodegradable products, simply because they’re concerned that they might be inferior to traditional plastics.

We’re delighted to say that biodegradable products in 2020 are virtually no different, being freezer safe, capable of dealing with higher temperatures and even microwaveable in some situations. Halo Coffee offer biodegradable Nespresso compatible coffee pods, which is some indication of how versatile biodegradable materials can be!

They can lead to less pollution

Another advantage to biodegradable products is the fact that their ability to break down easily means they don’t give off dangerous chemicals when they decompose. In fact, studies have shown that biodegradable products can produce as much as 68% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the worst offending plastic, which is obviously an incredible difference.

It’s excellent for your company’s reputation

This certainly shouldn’t be the only reason to use biodegradable products in 2020, but it is worth noting that with the huge controversy over global warming and the environment, a company that’s shown to support changes that could help save the planet can benefit from very positive PR.

In the end, biodegradable products offer virtually every benefit of traditional plastics while benefiting the environment hugely, which makes them an excellent option for any forward-thinking company.

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