Bikinis, Rashies, or One-Piece Swimsuits: Which Should You Wear for Your Favourite Beach Activities?

During the peak of Aussie summer, nothing beats hitting the beach. Once you arrive, you’ll be raring to swim, enjoy an hour or two of sunbathing, or even try a new water sport. But will your current swimwear ensemble hold up to the type of activity that you want to do?

You shouldn’t be wearing your swimsuit only to flatter your body type. The swimwear you have on should also protect you, keep you comfortable, and ensure optimal freedom of movement. Keep these qualities in mind the next time you visit a physical store or a shop for swimwear online Australia customers buy from. After all, you’ll want something both beautifully designed and perfectly functional for your day out at the beach.

Below are some examples of popular beach activities, and the kinds of swimwear that are ideal for them. Make your new bikini, one-piece, or rash guard purchase based on what you’re most excited to do!

A Quick Dip in the Shallows 

Some women are most content to go to the beach and do a few casual laps. Some others prefer to wade in the shallows and don’t anticipate submerging their whole bodies. For low-key activities like these that don’t involve much effort, a sturdy bikini or a one-piece swimsuit will do just fine.


If sunbathing is the main reason you’re going to the beach, don’t be shy about lying around in your bikini. This is the best kind of swimwear to have on if you want a healthy sun-kissed complexion and an even tan throughout your body. Just don’t forget to hydrate frequently and apply a generous amount of sunscreen!

Surfing or Bodyboarding 

Rash guards, or “rashies,” are optional for men who want to surf or bodyboard. But they are more or less mandatory for women. In case of a harsh wipe out, your rashie will protect you from losing your bikini top! Even more so, a solid one-piece will be the best at preventing any unsavoury “wardrobe malfunctions” during these intense activities.


Snorkelling is a wonderful way to discover Australia’s gorgeous marine life and coral formations up close. But the deeper the water you snorkel in, the more susceptible you are to sea anemone or jellyfish stings. Therefore, it’s best to shield your upper body from these dangers by wearing a rash guard. You may also want to purchase long-legged bottoms to afford the same protection to your legs. In far north Queensland, ‘stinger-suits’ are mandatory during some of the year!

Jet Skiing

It’s also great fun to cruise the water on a jet ski or personal watercraft. But any rider will still need to take the precaution of wearing a life vest. Additionally, it’s recommended that women wear sleeved swimwear with their vests, such as a rash guard. This will prevent chafing at the arms and the waist while also providing extra protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Beach Volleyball

A reliable one-piece swimsuit, tankini, or short-sleeved rashie will be ideal for a game of beach volleyball. Wearing either of these helps protect your upper body from scratches if ever you fall on the sand. But they will also keep your forearms free to complete serves, receives, tosses, and spikes.

When shopping for your new swimsuit, look for something that’s comfortable, secure, and ideal for whatever you plan to do at the beach. And make sure it matches your personal style! Indeed, swimwear that meets these qualities will feel like a second skin once you wear them. You’ll also worry less about sunburn, scratches, stings, or wardrobe malfunctions. As a result, you’ll be guaranteed to have a great day out on the beach.

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