Big Night Out Planned? Here’s How To Look & Feel Great

Many of us are both delighted and anxious to be able to get glammed up, go out, let our great hair down, and hit the dance floor, particularly after the last couple of years.

Listed here are some of the steps you should take to ensure that you look your best in every photo – including those that will unavoidably get shared on social media and some tips on hair, skin, and beauty preparation.

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Start with the skin

If you have been slacking on your exercise regimen, now is the time to make a lifestyle change—eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, abstaining from alcohol, and getting more sleep—as well as to establish a good skincare regimen, especially if your skin has issues that need to be addressed.

Healthy and happy hair

You should have a healthy hair care regimen regardless of whether you are going to a party or not, but if you have been skipping conditioning to beat the morning rush, it is time to step up your hair game. You have undoubtedly heard about it and are wondering whether or not you should apply hair primer. The answer is a resounding yes! An excellent hair primer, like an excellent cosmetic primer, prepares your hair and acts as the perfect foundation for everything else applied on top. As a result, it makes styling your hair simpler and faster and assists you in achieving a polished appearance. If you are looking to add some length or volume to your hair, hair extensions are a great choice; just make sure you choose the right ones by reading Canada hair reviews.


Everyone knows that exfoliation is the first step toward radiant skin, but it can be a double-edged sword if done incorrectly or too frequently, so do it once a week in the weeks leading up to your special occasion. Light and gentle exfoliants should be used on the face, lips, and body while exfoliating. The skin you want to have is radiant and younger-looking, not irritated and itchy.

Stay hydrated

Late-night revelry, booze, and a poor diet are the bane of your skin’s life; thus, keep it moisturised and hydrated to guarantee that it is well-equipped to withstand all of these sources of distress. Make sure to drink lots of water during the day and another glass before bed, and to use a high-quality moisturiser every day.

Polish the nails

Given that there will be a lot of hand-shaking and glass-holding and praise for your fabulous footwear, you should keep your feet, hands, and nails in tip-top shape. Pre-book a manicure and pedicure appointment for a day or two before your event to ensure that your nails are immaculate and chip-free and that your feet are in perfect shape.

Chill out

Especially if it has been a long time since you have interacted with others in a social capacity or if it is your first time meeting people, attending a large gathering might be nerve-racking. Perhaps you have gone through some significant personal changes since your last outing, which has caused things to appear different this time. Allow yourself to relax and settle your anxiety. Using lavender candles, soothing bath salts, and your favourite spa song, transform your bath into a peaceful paradise. After that, use a sleeping facial cream to guarantee you wake up with softer, more radiant skin. Likewise, make sure you get plenty of sleep in the days preceding up to the event to have plenty of energy to enjoy yourself during the party.

Take action against acne.

It has occurred to every one of us. The night before a big night out, we have spent weeks preparing ourselves and doing all the right things, only to wake up the following day with a large red spot smack in the centre of our chin or on our nose. It is the stuff of nightmares, but do not get too worked up about it; it is something you can handle. Avoid picking at it and popping it, no matter how tempting it may seem, since this will just make it appear worse. Instead, make sure you have spot patches on hand in your makeup box and apply them as soon as possible before covering them with concealer to complete the task.


You should keep a face spray and blotting paper on hand to keep your skin appearing healthy throughout the day and a makeup remover. Keep in mind that you want dewy skin, not oily or sweaty skin that seems to be. Use a mild green clay mask the morning of your event to give your skin an extra burst of radiance.

Our final advice is to take it easy and let go of your anxieties. You can look fantastic, but if you are feeling self-conscious and tense, you will not be able to shine in the way that you desire. Remember, you are there to let your hair down and have a good time – so make sure you do just that and have a fantastic day.

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