Best Swimwear Styles for Every Body Shape


People all across the country visit the beach on a regular basis. A lot of them go for the simple purpose of enjoying the scenery and relaxing. Others go to the beach to hop in the water and have fun!

We’re definitely in the latter group, especially in the summer when the sun’s out and that cool beach water feels incredible washing over your skin.

And guess what? In case you hadn’t noticed, summer is upon us!

It’s beach-time people! Grab your bikini, hop in your car and drive down to the water.

Don’t have a bikini? Worried that you won’t be able to find a one that flatters your beautiful body?

We’ve got you covered.

Below, we discuss various body shapes that are out there and the best swimsuits you can buy to maximize your unique look.

1. Busty

If you’re one of the lucky ladies out there that boast a fabulous bust that you’re full-on proud of, congratulations to you! Now we just have to find a bikini that can tame your top so you can enjoy the beach waters without “letting it all hang out”.

There are a number of best swimsuit options that you can choose from which can help you achieve that end. Here are a few of our faves:

Freya Swim Bondi Padded Bikini Top

We love Freya’s outstanding bikini top because it is belted for extra support and padded for extra comfort. Its colors are sophisticated and make wearers look like they’ve just stepped out of a James Bond movie.

Curvy Kate Women’s Siren Swimsuit

Want to go the one piece route? Then you’re going to love Curvy Kate’s Siren Swimsuit!

It supports your top and bottom curves wonderfully and costs under $25.00.

2. Pear Shape

Are you a bottom heavy kinda girl? Lucky you!

Summer is a great time to show off that junk you’re sporting in your truck and the right swimsuit can help you showcase what you got for your momma without giving too much away.

Here are some swimsuit choices that we think you’ll love!

Seafolly Leaf Print High Neck Bikini Top

Crop tops are a fabulous bikini choice for people with pair-shaped bodies. They extenuate what you have on top and elongate your torso which makes your lower half pop!

Pair this top with a short bikini skirt and comfortable bikini bottom, and you’re going to be the hottest thing under the summer sun!

Figleaves Curve Plunge Swimsuit

Here’s a one-piece suggestion that we love!

Figleave’s swimsuit features a sexy V shape that starts at your midsection and runs all the way up over your neck. That design makes people with short torsos look longer and of course, stunning!

Not a fan of Figleave’s signature blue color? You can shop here and at other online retailers to find similarly built suits with more color varieties.

3. Petite

Being tiny can be a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, your petite body probably strikes onlookers as cute. On the other hand, cute can be a hard label to grapple with if you’re trying to put off fierce or sexy vibes.

Fortunately, with the right swimsuit, you’ll be able to break through barriers and exude who you are inside!

Missguided Palm Print Plunge Swimsuit

This one-piece gem of a swimsuit created by Missguided will accentuate your bust and help you to look all around fabulous with its signature blue and white palm tree print.

This swimsuit retails for under $25.00.

Forever Unique Frill Front Plunge Swimsuit

The Forever Unique Frill Front Plunge Swimsuit has to be one of the best swimsuits we’ve seen hit the market this summer. It almost looks as though you’re going swimming in a cute outfit instead of a typical swimsuit given its uniqueness.

While this suit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, for people that are wanting to stand out and look sophisticated, it’s a great choice!

4. Athletic

You probably hit the gym every now and then. You’ve got beautiful broad shoulders and a strong back.

With a body like yours, you don’t need to be sporting one of the best swimsuits to garner attention on the beach. But heck, it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Here are some great suggestions for you.

Boohoo Santa Barbara Strappy Underwear Crop Bikini

The Boohoo Santa Barbara Strappy Underwear Crop Bikini boasts a top that’s excellent at accentuating athletic wearer’s busts. It also shows off their beautiful hips via the little slits this bikini’s bottom features.

This bikini’s sinecure color is a deep red which evokes memories of Baywatch but classier.

Very Mix and Match Low V Swimsuit

Keep things ultra classy and subtly show off your built body with the Very Mix and Match Low V Swimsuit. Its horizontal stripes and simplistic look will draw some additional focus to your beautiful face while simultaneously not letting onlookers forget how rocking your shape is.

Our Final Thoughts on The Best Swimsuits For Every Body Type

Whether you’re top heavy, bottom heavy, not heavy, curvy or anything in between, there’s a best swimsuits choice out there for you that’ll take what you have going for you and make it shine even brighter.

We hope that our suggestions above have turned you onto something that you’re looking forward to rocking at the beach this summer.

Remember, bikinis can help, but they won’t make you beautiful. Your confidence does that!

Arrive at any beach your visit with a bravado that makes it seem like you own the place and you’ll always look great.

For more lifestyle advice that can help you look your absolute best, read more of our write-ups today!

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