Best Panerai Watches for Men

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You can try to make a fashion statement all you want, but watches bring the class. No matter how old are you, no matter what your profession is, no matter you are going to a formal occasion or a non-formal one, there is a watch for every occasion. Now the question is what type of watches are now famous in the fashion industry. The trends keep changing every now and then and if you are a big lover of buying watches, you should have the hot news of this industry. Panerai brand has been quite famous for centuries, and they still tend to get a little bigger every day.

Here is a detailed list of best Panerai watches:

  • Panerai luminor marina men’s automatic watch

These watches are considered to be the masterpieces produced by this brand. Which is why these are limited edition watches. These watches are beautifully designed with the combination of black and white. The belt is made up of black leather with the white thread. The dial of this watch is made from stainless free, so you can stop worrying about it scratching away. You can safely say that this watch will not be worn out any time soon. Even the crown protector is made from stainless steel.

  • Panerai men’s Ferrari Scuderia chronograph watch

This watch is most loved by people who are fond of a sports car and want to rock it in a new style. Usually, the major watches brands do not use exquisite colors or the bright colors as they do not give the “decent” look, but it seems like the designers here is made using bright yellow colors. Foer making the Ferrari logo stand out it is painted yellow and so does the thread. To give it more sporty look, it is shaped rounded square. The base color is all black, which gives the logo more prominent. adding up to some new features, it is water resistant up to 100mm.

  • Panerai men’s luminor GMT – Black dial watch

if you are looking for something extremely decent and elegant, there is something for you. this is all you have been looking for: features and is made from stainless steel with the adjustable bracelet. The base of the dial is made from black color. the numbers appear in white color. There are many features but the one exceptionally stands out is that you can look at the date and time at the same time. The most interesting thing is that this product was designed and made in 1934 and immediately became popular. Not to mention that this masterpiece is still in style. It is water resistant to 990 feet. It is said that it is specifically designed for scuba diving. you can use it up to 30 meters for up to two hours’ time.

  • Panerai radiomir 8 days watch

when we are talking about the luxury and style, this watch will bring something to the table. Some people have the fetish to wear things made of gold. Here, this watch is made from rose gold. The case is 18k rose gold with an 18k rose gold bezel. There is one thing that this thing guarantees and that is, that it will bring “class” to your look. The hours are marked with sticks except for the 12, 3, and 6. The seconds are displayed under 9. when we are talking about the ultimate luxurious experience, this is it. Even the front and back mirror are made from sapphire crystals. Talking about the shape, it is hand wound in “onion” shaped rose gold crown.

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