Best Mousse for Curly Hair – Keep Them Look Fuller and Wavy

Are you tired of using different creams and gels just to get the texture and volume you want for your hair? Then, using the best mousse for curly hair is your best option. It is one of the most versatile hair foams that can effectively replace other styling products. It can volumize your strands, keeping the natural curls locked, moisturized, and easy to style.

However, looking for a product that suits your waves and curls can be tricky. You will find a lot of options in the market, so you need to make sure that what you’re eyeing is one of the best.

Here are the popular mousse brands that you should consider:

OGX Locking + Coconut Curls

If you’re looking for a product that comes with a “strong hold” feature, OGX is the right brand for you. It is a hydrating mousse that has a balanced amount of foam and cream to eliminate frizz and secure curls.

This product also provides the right amount of hold to make the waves look defined yet feel soft. It contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, which are responsible for the formula’s feel-good consistency when applied to the hair.

OGX is also a good option for color-treated strands, so you don’t need to worry about fading pigments.


  • Lightweight
  • Tightens and enhances waves
  • Easy to apply and hydrating
  • Eliminates frizz


  • Quite greasy
  • Leaves appearance of white residue

Morrocanoil Curl Control

Morrocanoil is your best choice if you need a product that can tighten your curls. Its main ingredient is argan oil, which defines and hydrates hair all day long. It also smells amazing and has a lightweight foam consistency.

Get a gorgeous shine, combat frustrating flyaways, and make your strands moisturized from roots to tips using Morrocanoil. Just add two pumps of mousse into your palm and comb the product to your locks using your fingers. Allow it to air dry and get amazing results.


  • Delivers long-lasting shine
  • Amazing scent
  • Lightweight foam consistency
  • Tightens and smoothens curls
  • Hydrating and defining


  • Sticky formula

Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct

Do you want to eliminate flyaways and frizz? Then, you should try Garnier Fructis Style. From tight coils to beachy waves, this lightweight foam got you covered. It is very versatile – you can actually create long-lasting curls for any hair types. 

This is your chance to transform your coils from boring to bouncy. It has the ability to enhance any hairstyle, providing a firm hold that lasts all day. Other than that, it can also boost hydration and keep your strands moisturized as it contains shea butter. You will definitely take your curls to the next level using this mousse, especially if you blow-dry it using a diffuser.  


  • Delivers long-lasting hold
  • Chemical-free
  • Eliminates flyaways and frizz
  • Affordable


  • Hair may dry out

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying a product online. Take a look at the following factors below:

  • Look for a mousse that don’t contain alcohol if you have damaged strands. You should avoid parabens, mineral oil, and sulfates, too.
  • If you want your hairstyle to stay in place all day, you need to choose a product that features “strong hold” or “extreme grip”.
  • Natural ingredients like cotton flower, hibiscus, keratin, bioti, and collagen should be included on the product that you’re going to buy. 


The best product for me is OGX, simply because of its great features. It contains nourishing ingredients, has strong hold property, and it’s perfect for color-treated strands.

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