Best Free Plagiarism Checkers


Although video and visual content are gaining popularity, the textual form remains dominating on the spaces of the Internet. One way or another, people used to comprehend written data. On this account, publishing a custom essay has not lost its relevance. Billions of words composed in sentences are published every minute on versatile websites to satisfy user’s needs in a certain information. However, if you want your blog or article to be unique or exquisite to some extent, you should care about the absence of plagiarism in your content.

Content Uniqueness

Making a unique content including short and long-read articles envisages the absence of plagiarism. This term denotes imitation of work made by somebody else. For example, you have spent some resources to gladden your subscribers or readers with a magnificent story. Someone, without your permission, decided to use this story on own website or blog for own profit. Naturally, such approach is not welcomed and search engine rankings observe such unscrupulous users.

Nevertheless, there is a probability of unintentional replication or imitation of someone’s works. The number of Internet users amounts to several billion people. Hence, what is a likelihood that ideas of some of them may coincide? Anyway, there is a solution to avoid such confusing situation. On the web, one can find special tools called plagiarism checkers that are designed to facilitate your way to the unique content. Some of these services are even available free of charge. So, let’s have a look at the best of them.


This online service cannot boast of a refined interface. Nevertheless, it is performant in its key function. If you can meet the limit of 50 checks per day, this service is the appropriate free solution. However, you need to perform a registration procedure to get access to such option. Moreover, it is usable to check your works avoiding the copy-paste approach. Upload your text file and activate the process. So, you may try this service to ensure originality of your work or switch to the following options.


This service is designed for more serious application since it can verify academic databases and sets of documents. While certain tools need to be downloaded and installed on your PC or laptop, PlagTracker works online and requires a stable Internet connection. This tool is chosen by not only people dealing with web content but also various types of authors, academics, and even students. A prominent feature is the support of six languages including Romanian and French.


CopyLeaks adheres to a complex approach to plagiarism verification. In addition to the support of versatile file formats and several languages, the service allows scanning entire websites. Unfortunately, its no-charge capabilities are rather restrained and won’t let you check more than 10 pages per month with a 250-word limit. At the same time, the extent of the tool for professional application is impressive.

If you browse the web, you will find other solutions that deserve your attention. These include Unplug Checker, Plagium, Plagiarisma and Grammarly of course. Nevertheless, their trial options are limited and to make maximum use of their potential, you should consider paying for their services.

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