Best colognes for men to succeed at anything

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There are many reasons to choose a cologne. Unlike standard deodorants, colognes are not designed to simply mask the smell of perspiration or other unsavoury scents, colognes are often used to convey a sense of status about oneself.

Scent is the biggest memory marker for human beings; nothing arouses the senses or conjures up memories more powerfully than scent. For this reason, there are thousands of colognes to choose from.

Advertising on billboards and television for cologne can never tell you exactly what cologne smells like, or how people will react to that smell; this can make it very difficult to decide which cologne is right for you. Some colognes may be briefly popular, and others stand the test of time. The difference between a classic cologne and a less popular flash-in-the-pan variety is simple; a good cologne will keep people coming back for more.

There are three main components that make up the overall scent of a cologne; these are called the head, heart and base notes. Head notes are the scents that you will first smell when applying a cologne, and will evaporate the quickest (citrus and ginger are common head notes). Heart notes tend to last longer than head notes, and will usually serve to take away the initial bitterness of the longer lasting base notes, or fuse with them to create a powerful but smoother smelling scent over time (subtle fragrances like rose and lavender are common heart notes). Base notes are comprised of heavier molecules, and thus will take the longest to evaporate. Base notes will hold, fix and accentuate the scent of the lighter heart and head notes.

This article gives you a good idea of the best colognes for men, whether you’re a young professional looking for a professional and sophisticated fragrance, an athlete looking for a masculine scent, or a ladies’ man looking for a guaranteed way to boost your sex appeal; here are the top colognes for you.

For the athlete

Burberry Sport for Men
For sporty and athletic types, it is important to find a cologne with a fresh yet musky scent. Burberry Sport for Men offers refreshing head notes of grapefruit, ginger and wheat, a refreshing heart of sea accords, red ginger and juniper berries, with a dry and heavy base of dry amber, musk and cedar. If you’re looking for a sporty cologne that will make you feel refreshed and energized, Burberry Sport for men is a solid choice.

Adidas moves for him
Another great choice for athletes, Adidas Moves for Him boasts a light and refreshing broad plethora of scents, carefully balanced to create an energetic and long-lasting fragrance. With stimulating head notes of tomato leaf, green apple, mint, pineapple and mandarin (alongside black pepper and star anise), the first spray is a bold and effervescent fragrance. The heart consists of ginger, lavender, jasmine, musk, geranium and juniper berries, providing a rich and strong fragrance, which mellows into a more subtle base of lily-of-the-valley, sandalwood, oakmoss and thyme.

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste K.12.12 Blanc Edition
For the sportsman who likes a sharper, citrusier smell, Lacoste Eau de Lacoste K.12.12 Blanc Edition is a great choice. With a sharp head of grapefruit and cardamom, complimented by cedar needs and rosemary, the initial smell is rich, acidic and slightly bitter. As the heart notes of ylang ylang and tuberose begin to take hold, the bitterness fades into a softer scent, eventually blending with base notes of Virginian cedar, and masculine fragrances of leather, suede and vetiver. Lacoste Eau de Lacoste K.12.12 Blanc Edition is great choice for the outgoing, confident athlete.

For the young professional

Dunhill London
For young professionals, specifically those working in offices, Dunhill London is a good choice of fragrance. With a head of sandalwood, tonka bean and patchouli, the initial scent is sweet, but conservative and not too overpowering. The heart notes consist of musk, jasmine, and vanilla, which help to bring out the sweetness of the head notes. The base notes are made up of red apple, geranium and rose. The smell of rose has been proven to help to lower blood pressure, which makes Dunhill an ideal choice for office workers.

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D&G The One
For young professionals who work in finance, accounting or anything involving numbers; D&G The One is a powerful fragrance containing base notes of tobacco, cedar, ambergris and lily-of-the-valley (proven by researchers at Florida State University to improve focus on calculations). With sparkling head notes of bergamot, basil and coriander, blended with heart notes of cardamom, neroli and ginger, D&G is a sophisticated, rich and conservative scent.

Paul Smith Story
Young professionals working in face-to-face sales or retail should try Paul Smith Story. The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that in controlled studies, people were more likely to spend more if they can smell flowery scents. With a fruity, bitter head of grapefruit, bergamot and ivy leaf, Paul Smith Story blends heart notes of jasmine and rose leaf, to a perfect floral finish. Base notes of musk, cedar, amber and Haiti vetiver give this cologne a masculine, long-lasting scent.

For the ladies’ man

Polo Red
For the ladies’ man who wants a strong, masculine smell, Polo Red is a strong contender. With head notes of cranberry, red grapefruit, and Italian lemon, the initial scent is very citrusy and refreshing. The heart notes are comprised of red sage, red saffron and lavender, offering a slightly spicier fragrance. This blends into a wood base of red wood, hot amber and arabica beans. Polo Red is a favourite among women.



Versace Versus Uomo
Good for nights out, Versace Versus Uomo is a strong choice for the ladies’ man. With a head of citrusy mandarin lemon, orange petit grain and lime, combined with bergamot, and lavender, Versace Versus Uomo starts off strong and fresh. These fruity notes fade into a heart of bitter, floral notes of sweet jasmine, coriander, and carnation, coupled with earthy notes such as orrisroot, palisander, and rose wood. The base notes consist of warm, intense scents such as amber, benzoin, cedar, musk, tonka beans, sandalwood and vanilla. Versace Versus Uomo is a classic choice for attracting the ladies.

Ralph Lauren Polo Black
For the ladies’ man who wants to stand out from the crowd with a fragrance that is a little different, Ralph Lauren Polo Black is a unique and exotic cologne. With subtle head notes of sandalwood, tonka bean and patchouli, Polo Black becomes fruitier, with heart notes of tangerine, mango and sage. These fragrances are amplified by base notes of lemon and earthy wormwood.

For the man who is serious about smelling good, these are the ones for you. A good cologne can not only help you succeed in your career, improve your life, and increase your sex appeal massively. Choosing the right cologne for the right situation will help people to remember you, and what kind of person you are, and can make you irresistible to girls and employers.

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