Best Bridal Looks 2016: How to Accessorize

Times change, but wedding traditions surely don’t. The classically white gown has been part of the ceremonious process for as long as we remember. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine. The wedding dress is one of those things that don’t need to change. The more historically relevant and long-lived something is, the bigger the impact is when that special day comes around the corner.

While wedding themes, locations, and several customs have been changing throughout the years as time went by, the changes in the bride’s appearance have been considerably subtle. When you really think about it, it all narrows down to the alterations made to everything but the dress. So, what can the 2016 brides embellish their apparel with to stand out even more during the happiest day of their lives? Read ahead.

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Delicacy through Flowers

Most women imagine themselves as nothing less than princesses on their wedding day. It’s very difficult not to. It’s not like when we think of brides, the first thing to pop up in our head is the image of a lady clothed from head to toe in a spiky black leather overall. That’s definitely how some brides choose to step down the aisle, but that’s not the point. Brides are an exhibit of elegance and femininity.

Flowers have been the stars of all seasons for a while now, so why should weddings be any different? Boost your fairy tale-like vibe by gently laying a flower crown on your head (assuming your hair isn’t tangled up in a sophisticated bun). You may either keep up with the pure white thematic or choose to bring into the picture a pop of color by opting for red roses or any variation of a brightly colored flower. Moreover, there are plenty of jewelry models that can provide a subtle dose of flora.

2_pearl necklace


Refinery through Pearls

Pearls are the ideal wedding accessory. Traditionally white and with a long history in the world of fashion? Check. Accessorizing your wedding apparel with them is more than simply opting for a classic strand of big pearls. You can wear a ribbon-embellished pearl necklace, you can pin pearls in your hair for a stunning effect, or you can showcase them through a bracelet or a ring. The point is, when you’re in doubt about which one of your favorite necklace – earring sets you should wear, you can always count on the simplicity of pearls to save the day.

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Vintage through Gloves

Opera gloves have returned from war and have been recently exhibited on the world’s biggest runways as this year’s next hottest thing. In other words, there is no better time to cover your hands with a pair of gloves on your wedding day. You can absolutely use their trendy factor to your advantage and set to the side the traditional white elbow-length gloves in favor of something a bit more eye-catchy and unique.

Accessorize with gloves that have been embroidered with elegant lace or a pair that is decorated with subtle floral patterns. You can also play around with the model by choosing to wear gloves that cover only your thumb and your index fingers.

4_bride with bouquet


Boldness through Earrings

Last but not least, earrings are the definite stars of the season. Designers have made bold jewelry choices with them, whether we’re talking about the return of the ever so daring chandelier earrings or the asymmetry of mismatched earrings. You may even go as far as to remove one of them, as a lonesome earring has been a recurring trend on the runways.

It goes without saying that opting for a pair of luscious chandeliers is going to erase essentially all of the other accessory variants. But, truthfully, it’s entirely worth it. The sheer scale of a pair of chandeliers is enough to draw many eyes to you and don’t be afraid to choose earrings that are riddled in sparkly gems and stones either.

Flower crowns, pearly jewelry, white lace mitts, and bold chandeliers – they truly aren’t indicated to be all worn at the same time but separately, they will be able to make the bride just as memorable as the crazy wedding afterparty.

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