Benefits of the Boo Boo bamboo toothbrush

Did you know that we use no less than 4.7 trillion toothbrushes per year? Yes, you read that right! And these end up in nature after use. Not only are they a major source of pollution, they are also bad for your health! Fortunately, there is an ecological alternative: toothbrushes in bamboo.

The problem with plastic toothbrushes

It is a habit, every morning and evening you brush your teeth with a piece of plastic. Obviously a very good habit, except for the tool you use it with. Because a large part of this plastic toothbrush ends up in the ocean or in the landfill. Depending on the type of plastic, it can take 100 to even 1000 years before it breaks down. On top of that, the brush can also travel thousands of miles and thus pollute the ocean and land. Boo Boo wants to put an end to this senseless pollution. Thanks to their business in just a year and half they removed 190kg of plastic and planted over 23,000 trees. They plant a tree for every toothbrush sold.

But that’s not the only reason why you should choose a Booboo bamboo toothbrush as the ecological alternative. Because in addition to the great ecological impact, the plastic variants also pose a threat to your health. When it breaks down, microplastics are created. Fish and other marine animals can confuse them with food, which means they sometimes eat microplastics. This has two possible consequences. On the one hand, the animals can die if they eat too much of it, on the other hand it can enter our food chain.

The benefits of Boo Boo bamboo toothbrushes

Unlike plastic, bamboo contains no dangerous chemicals that can damage your body and the environment. It naturally has antibacterial properties and is extremely resistant. This prevents the formation of germs and promotes healthy oral and dental hygiene.

Bamboo grows on its own and does not need pesticides or fertilizers, so it is organic. Boo Boo bamboo toothbrushes are a real ecological alternative because it is biodegradable. So you can compost it when the brush needs to be replaced.

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