Benefits of going green for your business

Sustainability is no longer just a matter of preference or good PR. Due to the rapid development of public opinion and changes in legislation, it becomes a determining factor for the commercial viability of your company. Below are six examples of how sustainable trading can turn into a benefit for your business:

1. An improved brand image and more competitive advantages
Consumers are more likely to buy your company’s products or services when they know your organization is aware of its impact on society and the environment and when you use eco friendly cosmetic packaging.

2. More productivity and less costs
In many companies, operational efficiency improves after the implementation of more sustainable business operations. That actually makes sense, because better and more economical use of raw materials results in a more streamlined organization and lower costs.

3. Better financial and investment options
Financial and investment analysts confirm that sustainability plans for efficient energy consumption and the reduction of environmental impact are important criteria in the evaluation of companies. A study by Goldman Sachs found that in six industries, it is precisely the companies at the forefront of social policy and environmental management that are doing much better than average. 

4. Better recruitment and retention of good employees

More and more people want to work for companies that ‘do the right thing’. Sustainability has become an important factor in determining the drivers of a company and how ethical the employees are. In fact, developing a corporate social responsibility program is one of the top five internal methods for ensuring an ethical corporate culture, according to a worldwide study of business ethics by the American Management Association.

6. Healthier working environment for employees
The choice for more sustainable products is not only good for the environment, but also for people. Environmentally friendly cleaning products, for example, are vegetable, 100% biodegradable and contain no harmful artificial chemicals. As a result, the chance is much smaller that they are harmful to the health of your (maintenance) employees, which results in happier and healthier staff.

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