Beauty Trends from New York Fashion Week

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Photo by Flaunter .com on Unsplash

As we’re still dizzy with joy from all the bold and beautiful looks in one of the world’s capitals of fashion, it’s time to look back and single out the most prominent, memorable trends we are sure to witness and follow with the first bloom of spring. The following are some of the most ingenious designs witnessed on the catwalk, meant to arouse a hellishly classy uproar against mediocrity and conformity, and encourage even more individuality than ever before.

Whip out your inner critic and let your fashionista revel in the stunning reflections of the latest show, but most importantly, make sure to note down some of the key takeaways from New York, either to mimic them, adapt to your taste, or completely contradict them – they are here to inspire!

Level up your jeans


Denim has been a symbol of timeless style for decades now. From being the it piece of casual outfits in the ‘70s, to the modern-day craze for the ripped, high-waisted shorts varieties in all colors, the good old denim has had a fancy makeover.

Alexander Wang has chosen to go as far as to pair jeans with luxurious eveningwear and turn them into the staple of an elevated, yet comfortable look. Whether combined with silken black or Brandon Maxwell’s fiery red jacket, all shades and shapes of denim have taken over the realm of high-end fashion.

Go bold or go home



One way or another, you are enticed to go to an extreme in tones – ranging from rich, blindingly saturated shades of sunny orange, fuchsia or emerald, all the way to a complete lack of color in the form of transparent garments.

Tom Ford’s take on bubble-gum pink suits, with Jason Wu’s pure white dresses along with so many others who’ve taken a similar route on the catwalk, show a clear preference for choosing an extreme over a middle ground.

Waterfalls of hairdo



Variations of the bob theme have been loved by many fashionistas in the Insta-stardom, but the runways predict a different spring hairstyle. The abundance of color, texture and flow will be complemented by equally enchanting layers of long hair.

Dreamy, elven-queen style hairdos, worn best by the likes of Kirsty Hume, will steal the spotlight for the upcoming warm season. Natural or achieved with the help of quality clip in human hair extensions, the hip-length hair trend will serve as your main accessory for the spring.

A palette of Americana

The red, white and blue combo seems to be a hit for many designers boasting their new collections on the catwalk, including names such as Calvin Klein taking the lead in stripy and fringy all around. Stars, stripes, especially vertical ones, mixed with asymmetry and trains are the echo of the American Dream, freely expressed in the ranks of modern design.

Eye-catching and hypnotizing in their playful harmony, these three predominant shades have found a way to remain strong among so many other vivid combos seen in the shows. Apparently, what some might feel as a limitation in colorful expression others take as a challenge to give this palette a fresh perspective!

Sports with a twist



The name that’s a-buzz in all the fashion shows and the streets at the same time is none other than Rihanna’s own Fenty Puma with a collection that ruled the runway. Glamorous, fabulous and authentic, this is the street style at its best, taken to a whole new level of sexy.

Cat Woman would be proud to try on some of Rihanna’s rebellious biker-wear, or spandex-dominated tight one-pieces for the boldest among you. Its comfort meets sizzling style of a superhero, wrapped up in one neat, almost futuristic-looking pack

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