Beauty tips when on a budget

beauty tips

Trying out new beauty products is something that you may enjoy, but you don’t enjoy the price tag that comes attached. Here are some useful tips on knowing how you can save money yet still being able to try new exciting products.

It is very possible to get your hands on beauty products that are quality for value. Due to advertising campaigns that companies pump millions of dollars into each year, you can easily get sucked in by the hype created and want to immediately go and buy the advertised product. However, by not purchasing a beauty product straight away, you can wait until other customers share their feedback and experiences with it. By waiting for their reviews, you can gauge whether a product would suit your skin type or is actually what you were looking for. If the reviews seem negative or mediocre and not as good as the company made it appear, it is better to save your money for something that is more worth it. There is a whole community online that really puts a lot of effort into their product reviews, so you will definitely be able to find a reliable review to help you decide. There is also a whole archive of information on brands and products online that you can access simple by searching for the name of the product along with the word ‘review.’

Don’t forget a valuable source of information that you may have overlooked – your friends. Your friends’ feedback is probably the most honest that you will get. You can simply ask them what they would recommend, what products they enjoy, products that they think you would like as well and whether they have tried products that you are thinking of trying.

Designer and salon brand beauty products can definitely be worth the money, but it is important to remember that in any brand, drugstore or high-end, there are winning products and products that just don’t perform. Usually, expensive brands put millions of dollars into researching their products to make sure they are high quality, which is one reason why some may lean towards these brands over cheaper brands. However, just because a product may cost a lot does not guarantee that it will work, or work the way you want it to. Some products are worth the money, but there is the odd time that a product is awful and all you are paying for is fancy packaging and a brand name. Before spending your hard-earned money on an expensive product, you can visit the brand’s department store counter, which may offer free samples or samples at a reduced price so that you can try out a product before committing to the full-size. This way, you can do your own research before treating yourself and splurging on a luxury beauty product. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what will be worth the money without trying it, because what will work for someone else may not work the same for you.

The ultimate way to save money on beauty products is by using what you have in ways that you hadn’t thought of before. Even certain things around the house, particularly in your food cupboard, can be the key to beauty secrets. Ingredients such as honey, egg white and baking soda can act as home remedies for acne or to rejuvenate your complexion. A tip is to put baking soda in your shampoo to make it clarifying, or use it as a dry shampoo – simply place it on your roots, brush through and blow dry the excess. Another popular home remedy to do yourself is to make face and hair masks, either to deep condition your hair or brighten and calm the skin. A noteworthy, natural product that is celebrated as a beauty savior is coconut oil. It can be used on skin, hair and in cooking for a healthy natural alternative to many synthetic products. With existing make-up, you can multi-use products such as bronzer for eye shadow, eye shadow for contouring and filling in your eyebrows. If there is a new lipstick that you have your eye on, before buying it, make sure that nothing you have is too similar, especially if you are one of those that always goes for certain shades. You can custom make a new shade by mixing lipsticks, either by layering or by melting two lipsticks together in the microwave.

When it comes to beauty products, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get good results. By doing research into cheaper brands as well as more expensive ones, you will find those bargain gems and avoid those expensive disappointments.

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