Beauty Tips for Brides

Everyone wants to look perfect on their big day. But planning a wedding can be super stressful, meaning you’ll probably leave thinking about your makeup till last minute while being busy organizing everything else!

Well, we’re here to help and give you plenty of advice to help you with your wedding day make up. Take notes!

Book in a makeup trial

You might’ve seen a look you absolutely love on Pinterest, but it might not look quite right when you actually try it out on yourself.

It’s a good idea to trial your makeup ideas well in advance. Rather than adding more pressure to yourself on the day, it might be worth hiring someone to do your makeup – and a few trials – so you know exactly how it will look.

You can book a makeup trial at It’s better to have a trial so that your chosen MUA can get used to your skin, your preferences and (perhaps most importantly) your dislikes.

Mix highlighter with your moisturizer

This nifty trick helps your skin really glow on photos. Wedding photographers have a sneaky way of capturing those less-than-attractive candid photos, so make sure you’re ready to be snapped at any angle. Mixing your highlighter and moisturizer will create a nice sparkle while also providing well needed hydration.

The perfect foundation

When it comes to taking photos, fully matte foundations can look a little drab and one dimensional. Meanwhile overly dewy options can easily catch the light, or the flash of the camera and create a sweaty or greasy look. Not ideal… You’ll need to test and trial a few different compositions to find the right choice for your skin type.

Setting spray is essential

A waterproof setting spray will save your day (who doesn’t like a rhyme?). The sweat and tears that go hand in hand with your wedding day are makeup’s worst enemy. But the right setting spray will keep everything in place long into the night. Oh, don’t forget the waterproof mascara too!

Ditch the trends

While it might seem like a good idea to follow the latest trends, you don’t want to look back on your wedding photos with embarrassment. Trends come and go, which is why keeping things simple for your wedding day make up is a much better idea. Natural styles or a little smoky eye will be subtle enough, but bold enough to make you feel sexy and confident.

Also, if you’re typically quite natural with makeup, it doesn’t make sense to go for a totally different look for one day. You should be able to feel comfortable in your skin, and you likely won’t if you’re trying a new style for the first time.

Boost your skincare regime in advanced

The best way to prepare yourself for your wedding is to have your skincare regime in check well before the day. Start taking good care of your skin so that less make up is needed and your natural beauty can shine through. Having a good routine will also make skin smoother, softer and clearer – making it much easier for your makeup artist to get the perfect coverage.

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