Beauty Calls – But What If Your Purse Says “No”?


It’s tough being passionate about beauty and skincare for today’s woman.

On one hand, it’s great. Gone are the days where all there was on offer in terms of skincare was a cold cream; the times when the only eyeshadow option was a shimmery pink color that flattered precisely no one. We now have a range of options that would have been unthinkable when our Moms were growing up.



Of course… that means we have a huge range of things we want to buy! There’s something about beauty and skincare that brings out the magpie in most of us. We see a new innovation and – even we suspect it’s not that new, but instead just an old product that has been tinkered with slightly – we find ourselves wanting to own it. This is especially true of skincare; few of us can resist the lure of the promise of fewer fine lines and holding off the wrinkles for a little bit longer!

Still… it’s not a cheap pursuit, all this skincare and beauty love. So what do you do if a new release is calling your name, but your budget just won’t stretch that far? The occasional one-off experience of this scenario is one thing – but what if the problem becomes chronic?

Start A “Treat Me” Fund



Budgeting and taking care of your finances is, obviously, the sensible way of managing your money. No one could possibly advocate for beauty products over making sure your insurance premiums, rent/mortgage, or taxes are paid!

Nevertheless, the essence of a true budget is one that works for you. If you have an eye for pretty, shiny new things, then not taking account of this in your budget is to ruin your budget before you have even began. The only way personal budgeting can ever be successful is if you acknowledge the areas you’re going to want the occasional splurge on.

By creating a section of your budget that is specifically there to allow a little self-indulgence, you’re halfway to winning that battle. Of course, you’re under no obligation to spend that money every month – you can let it accrue until you can’t resist splurging on a facial or trying out that new blusher palette that everyone is raving about.

Bolster That Fund With Extra Earnings

If you tend to just watch TV at night while playing around on your laptop (we all do the double-task), then take advantage of this free time to indulge in a little online earning. There are all sorts of low-key tasks you can do to earn a few extra dollars, such as taking surveys, reviewing websites, or even just cultivating your own blog. As you can do this in your spare time and at your convenience, it’s a neat way of topping up the “treat me” fund.

Not all survey sites are created equal, of course. There are some that are more worth your time and will help bump that beauty fund up. To get a firmer idea, take a look at the source: which can provide an overview of what’s beneficial and what isn’t worth your time. Even if it’s just your spare time, you want to get the best you can from it.

Buy Samples Rather Than Full Amounts



Have you ever made a beauty or skincare purchase and then realized that it’s not for you? It can be a serious dent in your funds for something that just doesn’t work, which is not exactly encouraging when it comes to managing your money. Obtaining a refund on cosmetics can be notoriously difficult.

Instead of wasting money on an expensive product you come to realize that you don’t like, always try and buy a sample of it beforehand. This will make your fund go further, as you’ll only make big purchases on items that you know you’re going to love.

You can buy samples on eBay primarily, though it’s always worth emailing the brand. This is particularly effective for any products that you need to make your skintone. Explain you’re not sure which is which, and do they sell samples to help you make the difference? Often, they will offer to send you samples for free. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth it when it does!

Scrutinize Ingredients

If you ever find yourself tempted by skincare brands from the big names – Clarins, Estee Lauder etc. – then it might be worth getting to know your ingredients. Many brands offer the exact same ingredients for half the price-point. When you buy expensive brands, it’s not always guaranteeing better quality – sometimes, you’re just buying for the name on the bottle. That’s a bad use of your “treat me” fund, so make sure you’re only buying products that are worth the investment.

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