Beauty on a budget: how to do your argan and keratin treatment at home

keratin treatment

Spring is in the air, it’s finally getting warmer! But this is also the type of weather that makes your hair frizzier. Perfect for a keratin treatment to make your hair smooth again. I’ve always wanted to do a keratin hair treatment but have been holding back, it’s just expensive to do it at a hair salon. I have to do touch ups almost every other month to color my hair and just don’t have a budget for another hair treatment. Luckily there is a way now to do an argan or keratin treatment at home.

Hair straightener + keratin treatment

Blacc by Olyvya
is a hair straigtening iron + keratin treatment in one. A great solution if you don’t want to break the bank and spend a visit to the hair salon. The infusion of keratin refill repairs and reconstructs your hair. Blacc by Olyvya uses the latest technology: engineered Ultrasonic Nano titanium Technology with the new steam hair straightening function. The result is salon like smooth hair!

Restore strength and minimize breakage

What I love about Blacc by Olyvya is that you no longer need an expensive trip to the hair salon to get full lushes, smooth and healthy hair. The keratin infusion makes sure your hair becomes stronger and it minimizes breakage. The hair straightener is easy to use and reaches up to 375F in just one minute. The results are amazing.

Why would you do a keratin treatment at home?

Besides the fact that it’s cheaper there are a couple of other benefits to do a keratin treatment at home instead of the hair salon. With the Blacc by Olyvya hair straightener you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals. The keratin won’t damage your hair it will actually help your hair becomes healthier. It repairs damaged hair and will give salon like results. You don’t have to sit for hours at the hair salon, it will only take 10 minutes to straighten your hair with the keratin treatment and your hair feels silky, straight and smooth right away!

Worried About Purchasing Knock Off Online?

Olyvya uses state of the art technology to protect customers from counterfeit products. Each hair Iron has a Certirx anti-counterfeit label that not only protects you from substandard brands, also allow you to register your warranty. How cool is that?

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keratin treatment


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