Beauty Accessories That Every Fashionista Should Have

Beauty Accessories

As a devoted fashionista, you know that it takes more than sheer luck to pull off amazing looks. You need a variety of accessories like jewelry, cosmetics and more to help complete your fashion-forward vibe. While some of these accessories are more glamorous and blingy, others are more practical. Taken together, they will allow you to create the specific look you want.

So without further ado, the following beauty accessories are must-have for every fashionista.

Start with some key pieces of jewelry

While you might have impulsively purchased more than a few pieces of jewelry over the years — not that there’s anything wrong with that — Jewelry Shopping Guide notes that you really need only 10 pieces of jewelry in your collection. For instance, a cocktail ring that is big, bold and eye-catching will complement virtually any outfit and can be worn over and over. There isn’t one specific style that is preferred — go with what you love and perhaps features one large colorful gemstone or a more geometric pattern with numerous stones. Diamond studs are also a go-to item for any fashionista; you can wear them with just about anything and for any occasion. Also, spring for a pair of statement earrings that help you to feel glammed up the minute you put them on; these can be tasseled earrings in a bright color or sparkly and dangly choices that just make you feel good to wear them.

Next, make sure you have plenty of practical accessories

Looking your best everyday requires some basic tools that you keep in your medicine cabinet and cosmetics bag. For example, if you love wearing nail polish, stock up on polish remover and cotton balls — the last thing you want is to be heading out for an important job interview only to be unable to remove the chipped polish on your thumbs and redo your mani. Dry shampoo for those days when you need a quick touch up, astringent to handle any blemishes and a concealer stick to cover up dark circles are also must-haves. Also, if you have eyelash extensions, be sure that you have both eyelash extension glue as well as glue remover on hand from a retailer like this one; this way, if you notice a lash is getting loose, you can reapply it right at home before getting on with your fashionable day. You can also follow Lash Extension Courses to learn how to apply.

Now, stock up on classic cosmetics

There are a number of must-have makeup options that will make any fashionista’s life a lot easier. As College Fashionista notes, the key is to find products that you love in colors that look great on your skin — and that you can use every day and for all occasions. For example, a palette of eyeshadow is a great place to start; instead of buying your colors one by one at the drugstore, a palette will typically include a dozen or so shades all in one box that will allow you to create amazing looks no matter what the occasion. A waterproof mascara in either dark brown or black is also a must have; while it does require you to remove it at the end of the day, its waterproof quality means you can wear it in the rain or get misty at a sad movie without having black rivulets running down  your cheeks. Also, a makeup finishing mist will hydrate and set your makeup in place. A foundation that covers well without looking chalky, lip glosses in a variety of colors and eye liners will also be right at home in any fashionista’s makeup collection.

You’ve got the tools, now enjoy being a fashionista

With the solid combo platter of the fashionista attitude and the correct tools, you can pull off your best look every day of the year. Remember that being fashionable is not always sparkly and blingy — your eyelash glue is just as important as your fave necklace — and you will be well on your way to having the essentials you need to look great.

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