Beautiful Healthy Skin with Amazource® Skincare 

Skincare with a Purpose

I was thrilled to learn about this skincare brand, Amazource.

The founders at Amazource® Skincare not only wanted to develop skincare that offers amazing results for gorgeous, healthy skin, but to develop skincare with a purpose! Each purchase helps save the Amazon rainforest.

Their skincare lines are made with top premium components, and offered at very reasonable prices, so everyone on any budget can purchase them.

Their team is on the ground, learning from Amazon communities firsthand about the specific properties of unique, trusted ingredients that deliver a higher nourishing effect on the skin. All of the products are cruelty-free and paraben-free, which is so important to all of us.

An extremely important fact is that Amazource® Skincare contains only natural ingredients like acaí, coffee, passion fruit, cocoa, honey, rainforest atmospheric water, and countless other native resources that have been used by centuries by original inhabitants of the rainforest. Now, this ancestral knowledge is available to everyone. Their products gently restore the balance of the skin cell’s natural processes, and never induce any artificial effects.

Amazource’s #1 bestseller and my favorite is the Amazon Mist facial water. Containing the same water that has sustained the Amazonia for thousands of years, this water is sourced from tiny water droplets suspended in the air and mists in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. It refreshes, cleanses, and moisturizes all skin types, and even works as a natural makeup remover. Like all of their products, the Amazon Mist facial water is 100% natural, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

Vicki from St. Augustine Florida states, I live in a very dry, humid environment. My skin felt dry, tight and it would even peel. A friend sent me as a birthday gift the Amazource mist facial spray. I loved it from day one. My skin feels hydrated and has a wonderful glow. My makeup goes on smooth and has that ‘Instagram’ ready look.  I spray it on my face right out of the shower, then again before sleep.  I now also use many of their other product lines, my skin looks amazing, and I’m helping the rainforest!”

Amazonia is the source of 60% of the fresh water on earth. Amazonia produces 20% of the oxygen on the planet. 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest ingredients and 25% of the active ingredients in cancer-fighting drugs come from organisms found exclusively in the rainforest.

Because the Amazon rainforest is the source of so many vital, natural ingredients, the Amazon’s indigenous communities face immense pressure. Extractive activities such as illegal logging and illegal mining are forcing indigenous communities from their ancestral lands, to continue this savage exploitation of the rainforest. Many native leaders have been murdered for living on this valuable land. According to Global Witness, an average of four people were killed each week. Despite this situation, native landowners do not receive any governmental support to compensate their land loss.

Amazource® Founder and CEO Sergio Calderon Rossi observed that the extractive activities such as illegal logging and illegal mining are forcing indigenous communities from their ancestral lands, to continue this savage exploitation of the rainforest. Rossi found the irony in indigenous communities trying desperately to protect their land, the richest natural sanctuary on the planet, without receiving any financial assistance. Rossi wanted to launch a purpose company financially capable of protecting the biggest rainforest on Earth. Rossi forged alliances with native communities and landowners who have huge estates, but little resources to manage and protect them from the deforestation caused by extractive mega industries.

Amazource® has access to the almost limitless biological resources in the 1,000,000 acres in the Amazon, and they use this privilege to research and develop their superior skincare products.

“If we consider that Amazonia is the lung of the planet, less rainforest means less oxygen to breathe and live, not only for us but for future generation,” -Founder Sergio Calderon Rossi

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