Beautiful affordable long evening dresses

You’re invited to a party, but you actually don’t have anything in your closet that matches the dress code. Especially when the dress code is quite strict, it can sometimes cost a lot of money, more than you had planned in any case. And that is of course a shame for an evening! I myself have now had to search several times for a fairly specific dress, so I have some tips for scoring prom dresses 2020 cheap which seems not easy these days.

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Read the tips below to style your evening dress.

# 1. Go for nude or metallic colors
The time for galas, dinners, weddings and festive balls are just around the corner. Are you still looking for a new evening dress? A nude or metallic colored evening dress is always a good option and you can style it perfectly with beautiful jewelry and striking heels. A silver ever pretty dress is always a safe choice and you can style it in many ways.

# 2. Opt for minimalist accessories

Did you find a sparkling evening dress on Ever Pretty? Because your dress is the eye-catcher, it is better to keep it quiet in terms of jewelry. Fortunately, there are plenty of minimalist necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. This way you keep it very subtle and your dress is really the eye-catcher.

# 3. Combine your evening dress with striking heels.

Because you wear a black evening dress, it is nice to let something else stand out in your look. For example, go for a beautiful shoe with glitter or maybe one in a very striking color. So it matches your dress! And, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new pair of shoes.

# 4. Wear striking jewelry with your evening dress

Dive into your jewelry stash and make your ever pretty prom dress even more festive. The jewelry may stand out a lot, but choose only two striking items. For example, statement earrings in your ears and a large chain around your neck or a pearl bracelet.

# 5. Wear a clutch with your party look

In addition to jewelry, it is of course also fun and useful to take a nice bag with you. Swap your handbag for a small clutch or crossbody bag. Just like with the shoes, it is also nice with the bag to go for an elegant item. That matches your dress and heels.

# 6. Wear a blazer over your dress

Do you have a gala dress with short sleeves? Then it is also nice to wear an elegant blazer over this. For example, a velvet blazer in a matching color. For when it gets colder.

# 7. Go for a glamorous make-up look

An evening dress isn’t complete with the right make-up. You look more elegant with jewelry and some red lipstick in your sequin party dress. You can keep the rest of your make-up look calm and keep the focus on the dress.

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