Beard grooming: how to style and take care of your beard

beard grooming

A lot of men decide to grow their beard one day. Before you decide to grow your beard you should decide what kind of beard style you want. Also beard grooming is often underestimated. You might think it’s easier because you don’t have to shave anymore. But a beard requires care has a lot of great products to take better care for your beard. Read on for some style and care tips to make sure your beard looks just the way you want to.

Beard Oil vs Balm

The oil soothes dry skin under the beard, preventing itchiness. Oils make it easier to groom and style your whiskers. Beard balms, on the other hand, are made with beeswax and are thicker and stronger. They are used for shaping and hydration.

beard grooming

Pay attention to the shape of your face

Some men are able to maintain their beard by themselves but a barber is easier for beard grooming. You can decide together what model you want. It’s important to pay attention the shape of your face and how fast your hair growths. When you have a round face choose a short not too full beard. When you have a long face a short beard on the chin and long on the upper jaw looks best. Just ask your barber for advice when you are not sure.

Beard grooming and styling

If you want to maintain your beard you can use a good cream or beard oil such as vanilla beard oil. Also the skin under your beard can dry out so it will benefit from cleaning and moisturizing. A beard can make you look better when you focus on specific strengths in your face. To grow a beard it may require a few weeks or month depending on how fast your hair grows. Don’t forget to cut the contours of your lips and neck regularly. Apply an organic beard oil like bourbon beard oil  daily to keep your beard soft, conditioned and moisturized. It’s also good to comb and untangle your beard during the day.

Untangle your beard

When you start growing your beard it can get a bit itchy in the beginning. This usually last for a week or two. If you never had a beard before you might wonder how to get rid of this. To prevent this comb and untangle your beard during the day. Carry a small comb in your pocket and make sure your skin stays hydrated.

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