Be the Musician You Always Wanted to Be

As you seriously embark on a professional career in music it’s easy to lose sight of the goal you originally set yourself. It’s easy to allow for others to make changes in your musical style for you. It’s easy to find yourself being manipulated by those more experienced in the field. It’s easy to start making music for all the wrong reasons. But if you want to be the musician you wanted to be when you embarked on the venture, then there are ways to do so. There are ways to recapture an essence of why you embarked on the venture in the first place. A few of them can be found below.


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First of all, if you feel that you are losing touch with your love for music because of the plights of doing it professionally, then you need to ask yourself a few questions. You need to ask yourself why you play music. You need to ask yourself why you played it in the first place. If you find that the answer is because you wanted fame and money, then it’s probably best to give up on ghost now. But if it was to express your talents and passions to the world, then you need to try to channel  your memories of feeling like this in the next project your work on. By doing so you are allowing yourself to regenerate that version of yourself that got you on this career path. And that’s the most important version of yourself. If you do ever feel as if you are all of a sudden lacking in passion when it comes to your music then you can’t bury your head in the sand. You need to face this very real problem head on. If you don’t then it will just continue to snowball unnoticed until one day you feel physically incapable of singing or picking up your instrument.

And when it comes to the instrument you use, you should never let external forces make any adjustments or changes it or your usage of it. If you’ve thus far embarked on your career path with one particular style that fits your needs perfectly then you must stick to it. You cannot let those who are ‘more experienced’ than yourself make changes to it. If you feel that the way you sing or the instrument you use is attuned to your perfectly, then you stick to it. Or similarly if you feel that you do need a change in the tools you yield in your music career then it’s you who has to make the all-important decision to stick or twist. For instance, if you want to change your style of guitar then you should do your own research and testing into what suits you. On Buzz Harmony you can find the quickest and easiest guide for understanding guitar body types. You should give this, or articles of the like, a read before you jump into any decisions. Because the tools a musician uses are very important to them the decisions regarding them can’t be made blind or too quickly. There’s nothing wrong with taking advice from those in the know. But it is imperative that you’re the one who makes the final call on what is, and what is not, best for you.

If you want to be a musician you need a few tools in your tool belt. You need talent, of course. You need a savvy, business-like attitude. You need connections in the field. You need a thick skin and self-belief. But most importantly you need the ability to retain your love for the business. Listeners can hear when a song is devoid of love or passion. So to keep your listeners you need to retain your love for music making. And to retain a love for music making you need to always remember the musician you wanted to be when you were first starting out.

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