Be A Frugal Fashion Icon With These Easy Tips

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The fashion world’s schedule is a little faster than your daily agenda. While you were still hibernating indoors during February, fashion capitals like New York City and Milan host their annual fashion weeks. While you’re still waiting on spring to bloom, designers are ready to showcase autumn’s and winter’s newest trends. Whether you managed to snag a seat at one of the few public shows or you lived vicariously through photos of the hottest celebs sitting in on industry-only events, these important fashion weeks can be bittersweet. You love seeing the daring new collections, but your heartbreaks when you realize you’ll never get to wear a single piece from them.

Sigh — there’s no way to look fab without spending a fortune, right? Wrong. Revamp your wardrobe with these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to look stylish on a budget.

Get Organized

If you expect to be frugal and fashionable, you must consider the process of filling your wardrobe like it’s a job. Finally prove that those organizational skills you claim to have on your resume are true by organizing the way you approach fashion with a capital F.

Review your behavior and identify bad habits that put your closet and your bank account at risk. You know how you always manage to convince yourself that random piece is perfect even though it goes with nothing else in your closet? Stop doing that! You need to focus on the things that can build on top of what you already have.

Look out for online advice

You should support your plan of attack by lists, outfit plans, and shopping guides. Build these lists by checking in with your fashion faves online. Remember that:

  • Most of the world’s stylish people are online — if not with their own website than they surely have a presence on Instagram and Twitter where they share their looks
  • Barring the supermodels who are filthy rich, many of them offer budget-friendly ways to get runway looks
  • Some fashion magazines (like Harper’s Bazaar) publish a monthly spread of the season’s hottest and most expensive items with cheaper alternatives that look almost identical

Embrace Your Inner Coupon Queen

If the word “coupon” brings back shuddering memories of Honey Boo Boo, you need to get over your hang-ups and admit Mama June knew how to save money. While she used coupons to fill her pantry floor-to-ceiling with canned goods, you can put these vouchers to fill your closet.

Websites like RetailMeNot and Groupon offer discounts, promo codes, and other deals from some of the most popular clothing stores. Sometimes you don’t even need to visit these websites to snag a deal. Try opening your search engine and typing the words “promotional codes” in the search bar with a store name. It might take some time hunting down a code that works, but it’s time well spent when you can save 20 – 30 percent off your purchase.

Download the Right Apps

The iPhone in your hand isn’t just a conduit for all your fashion envy as you drool over Janelle Marie Lloyd’s IG account. It’s also a tool that can help shave off the almighty dollar from your next steal. Download the right one, and you might snag as much as 50 percent off your next purchase. Business Insider created a list of the best apps for frugal fashionistas to help you choose which one is worthy of the space on your mobile.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Most stores offer some kind of mailing list for its customers. Whether they arrive daily, weekly, or monthly, these emails notify you of any upcoming sales or special promotions planned for the future. Sometimes they even send a coupon for a single purchase.

These reminders of your favorite stores can be too much to resist when they’re a regular addition to your inbox. If you aren’t careful, you might end up taking advantage of these deals even when you don’t need anything. Try making a dummy account that you use for these subscriptions. When your many mailing lists aren’t clogging up your regular inbox, you won’t feel compelled to shop whenever you check your personal email.

Shop Second Hand

Charity shops and other second-hand stores have a bad reputation. Many people believe these stores offer only old cast-offs that long since went out of style. This is untrue. While there will be many things that won’t fit your style, you’ll find hidden gems of brand name items hanging on their rails. It may take some time shopping this way, but you’ll find designer tops and bottoms for less than half of their original price.

You can also try clothing consignment stores as a seller and a buyer. These stores offer a way to sell your lightly used yet still trendy garments. They’ll take a fee or percentage of the sale for their time and effort, but you’ll still make some money off each item. It may just turn into a swap if you shop through their rails and find a must-have sweetheart dress someone else traded in. Typically, the clothes sold at these shops are priced lower than if they were new, so it’s a cheaper way to get stylish items.

What If it’s Not Enough?

High on adrenaline after snagging so many deals, you might find it difficult to put a stop to your spending. Though the above tips will save you a lot on individual items, you can overspend by taking advantage of too many sales at once. A rainy day fund can help you pay off those credit card bills, but having a back-up plan can help your peace of mind. Personal installments loans are a great alternative to other short term loans. You repay them in the way that their name sounds — in installments rather than one lump sum due by your next pay day. To see how else they differ from other conventional financial products, click here to learn more about installment loans. They give you greater financial flexibility when you need to undo your accidental overspending.

The Bottom Line

You may never have the budget to shop from New York Fashion Week, but that doesn’t mean your closet should suffer. Firstly, take solace in the fact that most people who aren’t millionaires can’t either. Secondly, you can dress well on any budget as long as you’re willing to put the effort into planning your wardrobe around your finances. This guide is only the start to your frugal fashions. Scour the Internet for other lifestyle advice, so you can look your best without overspending.

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