Basic Guide to Selecting Wedding Décor

When you want your personality to shine at a wedding, you will turn to the décor. However, there is a lot that is encompassed in that area. Therefore, you will want to go into the selection process with a basic guide to help direct you and keep your budget in mind.

The Basics

  • Know Your Style – What is your vision regarding the overall look and feel of the wedding and ceremony. Styles can be rustic, minimalist, classic, and more. Searching online can overload you with ideas, making sure you have a clear view of your style before you start planning.
  • Flexible Color Palette – You have heard to select one or two colors for your wedding style, but you also want to be flexible on the hues. For example, choosing a neutral palette offers you more decorating ability than straight grey or steel.
  • Use Your Surroundings – When decorating your wedding, use the venue as a guide. Consult with your wedding planner for unique ways to accent lighting fixtures, ceiling beams, walkways, or other aspects the space has to offer. If your venue is outdoors, find a way to tie in the scenery with your reception décor.
  • Create a Budget – Creating a budget will force you to acknowledge the essentials and secondary. Essentials include seating, tables, dinnerware, linens, and lighting. Talk to your venue to discover what items they offer as part of the charge, so you can determine what you need to add to your budget. Looking at ideas online and talking to your wedding planner will help you fine-tune necessities for the wedding and reception of your dreams.

Create Checklists

Once you have the basics down, you are ready to create a checklist of what you want and need. It is best to start with a complete list and mark items as essential, strongly desired, splurge, and do not want at all. There are numerous times and places you can add décor, but here are a few to start considering.

  • Wedding Ceremony – During the ceremony, you will want to consider the decorations along the aisles, alter, and entryway. This will include markers, runners, arrangements, arches, signage, and garlands.
  • Reception Signage – While part of the décor during the reception, this category is very specific to paper products you will need. Consider how you want your guest book to look (and the decoration around the book), welcome signs, cocktail and drink menus, table cards for seating arrangements, and table numbers if desired.
  • Reception Décor – The most significant area of decoration decisions comes during the reception. You will need to decide on centerpieces, bar appearance, dance floor, linens, child-friendly spaces, and floral arrangements.
  • Lighting – Finally, you will want to consider how you have your lighting at both the wedding and reception. There are many styles of bulbs, and you will need to use different types to accent various aspects of your space. You may even want a specific spotlight that projects a picture or word on the dance floor. If you want a more romantic and private look in your wedding décor Glasgow, consider replacing lights with tea lights and votive candles.

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