Bamboodu, eco-friendly online shop with bamboo products

Bamboo is an incredible alternative to plastic because it’s biodegradable and natural.

Bamboo is a type of grass that is known as the fastest growing grass in the world. Bamboo can grow up to a meter in 1 day. This ensures that bamboo can be harvested frequently and is therefore an environmentally responsible material. Bamboo has grown in popularity in recent years so that it is now used as a base material for various products. That’s why I’m so excited to share Bamboodu with you. Bamboodu is an eco-friendly shop with various bamboo products that are 100% natural and cruelty free.  Bamboo has a long lifespan, is durable and due to the compact fiber structure, bamboo is harder than many other types of wood Read the interview to find out more!
Can you tell us what’s special about your brand/business?

Bamboodu is passionate about serving up practical, eco-friendly products alternative to the terrible waste caused by non-compostable plastic products. We discovered that most plastic aren’t recycled and we want a better way with better impact on our environment. A small change can make a big positive effect – save energy, materials, money and reduce waste by choosing eco-friendly items made from all-natural bamboo material.

What motivated you to start an eco-friendly business/brand?

There is a large global movement to reduce single-use plastic and packaging. Sustainability requires a conscious effort. Our goal is to develop and sell zero waste range of products manufactured from sustainable bamboo material that are eco-friendly thereby maintaining the ecosystem and giving back to the community.

What green issues are you most passionate about?

The environment is something we all enjoy and take for granted. But the truth is, our ecosystem is fragile and human actions are damaging it. The majority of the waste we produce on land eventually reaches the oceans. Plastics are the most common element found in the ocean today. We believe that little by little, we can all do our bit to cut waste and help the planet. Simply swap plastic to bamboo. Bamboo is an incredible alternative to plastic because it’s biodegradable and natural.

What advice would you have for other aspiring social and green entrepreneurs?

Provide value to your customers or clients through your product or service offerings. Focus on creating win-win relationships by exceeding your customers or clients expectations. This will help your business build trust and credibility.

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